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All Dynatron models come with the same security housing so this post is relevant to the entire range of products which include the: 3 Series, 7 Series, 4 Series and D2200.

How easy is it to Defeat?

Like most Immobilisers once the security housing is breached the Immobiliser points can be by-passed and the vehicle started so having an effective security housing is an important consideration.

Let’s start off by looking at the case of the Module which is shown in the photo below, it is not what I would consider to be attack proof.

Screws are easy to undo!

All that is stopping you from opening the case are 4 Phillip head screws which took me 34 seconds to undo with an old fashioned screw driver (would probably be quicker with an electric or ratchet one!) Dynatron used to use Tri-Wing screws which are not as common. Even if you have the a Tri-Wing security screw bit, they are fiddly things to undo so would offer better protection. It is a shame that they no longer come them and I can only assume that this is to save on production costs!

Obsessive Improvements

Plug the Screw holes!

With the screw heads being the biggest weakness with the Dynatron Immobiliser housing I like to cover the screw heads with Epoxy resin. It makes the Dynatron a far more effective Immobiliser. Of course hiding the Immobiliser in a really evil location also helps but this does take good knowledge of the vehicle it is being installed into. Having said that the same could be applied to any system. Or Could it?

Size Matters

I like to think of it as playing hide and seek. The larger you are the harder the game is, so being small is a huge advantage here. Of course being creative also helps but this is down to the installer. The Dynatron is of average size.

Obsessive rating: Security Case could be improved!

Needs security screws or even better, an Obsessive modification.

34 seconds is not that long – having said that there are far worse systems out there!


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7 Responses to Dynatron Immobiliser

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  5. Ewen says:

    Hi again Julian,

    So with the epoxy resin cover onto the screw head, how effective is that still for the system to be defeated by a seasoned thief compared to the 446RiSG?

    I’ve read your attack time chart on the other page. Would you say by adding the epoxy it would increase this time by much more?

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