Dynatron D2200

Dynatron Product Range

Dynatron Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The Dynatron D2200 or Cyclops P205 is the second Transponder immobiliser to be reviewed here. Like the Autowatch 573PPi it is a dual circuit immobiliser but unlike the Autowatch it does not have the option of a third external cut.

The D2200 shares the same security housing found on the rest of the Dynatron range which means it is not attack-proof but still complies with the laughable  AS/NZS 4601:2003  standards (or should that be lack of standards?) for immobilisers. On the plus side it is reasonably compact so would give a competent installer the opportunity to install it too a high standard.

Pin Code Protected Transponder Tags.

Cyclops P205 Immobiliser

Dynatron D2200 Immobiliser

Programming a new transponder tag is only possible with the units over-ride pin number.

Edit 2014*  I have discovered a loophole in the programming that can get around this which is a concern but I won’t publish this info here for obvious reasons!*

Personally, I would like to see Dynatron introduce this into their alarms which are all vulnerable to remote cloning. In fact, I believe that pin code protected remotes/transponder tags should be a basic requirement for all insurance approved alarms/immobilisers.

Dual Immobiliser, With Two Simple Transponder Tags

Like the Autowatch 573PPi, the D2200 comes with two transponder tags that turn off the immobiliser when in the proximity of the Ignition barrel.

One thing that I find odd with the D2200 is that the LED will flash rapidly whilst counting down the seconds until the Immobiliser arms. Now there is nothing wrong with this but personally, I find it unnecessary.

Dyantron Transponder

Dynatron D2200 Tag

RRP NZ: $340.00

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZS 4601:2003

Obsessive Rating: Not as good as the Autowatch 573PPi but much better than the Mongoose M25

Would benefit from having an attack-proof security housing!



Additional Information:

PDF iconD2200 User Manual

Made by Dynamco PTY LTD. Sold to Dynatron and re-branded here in NZ


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