DYNATRON 7 SERIES, D7400, D7600, D7800



Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

The 7 Series is the flagship Alarm/Immobiliser in the Dynatron/Cyclops line up. The most recent modification of the range occurred back in 2007 when Dynatron introduced the TX-90T remote leading a trend for remotes to have that original equipment look you would expect from factory rather than the after market look. As with all good ideas it is only a matter of time before others jump on the band wagon and as of March 2009 Mongoose have also opted for factory style remotes.

User Friendly Technology

The thing that sets the 7 Series apart form the competition is the remote controls built in transponder which I have always been a big fan of. Most of us who have had an insurance approved alarm can testify how annoying it is for the immobiliser to kick in after that 30-40 second gap between disarming the car, loading up the boot then jumping into the drivers seat only for the LED to start flashing once more. The 7 Series eliminates this with its transponder remote which quite simply switches off the immobiliser when it is in range of the ignition barrel the same way that a factory transponder car key works.

Dynatron/Cyclops 7 Series Range of Alarms



Dynatron/Cyclops 7 SERIES

D7400 Alarm/Immobiliser (Uses Horn for siren)
D7600 Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + Siren
D7800 Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + BB Siren (Not recommended)

Dynatron Options

Dynatron offer the 7 Series with a variety of siren options, the D7400 uses the vehicles horn. Next in the range is the D7600 which comes with an additional siren and a glass break sensor. Finally there is the D7800 which has the Battery Back-up siren.

My pick of the Bunch has to be the D7600 which is due to it’s transponder remote is arguably the most practical 4 Star alarm available, the security housing for the main alarm/immobiliser module is smaller and easier to live with than the AVS or Mongoose alternatives, this make it easier for an installer to hide.  It’s only serious competition is the Autowatch 446RiSG which lacks the transponder remote but does has a smaller alarm casing as well as the Autowatch Anti-theft guarantee.

What makes the D7600 my choice over the D7800

As a 4 star alarm system the D7600 is hard to fault, it ticks all the right boxes as has useful features whilst remaining user freindly. The only difference between the D7600 and the D7800 is the Battery Back-up siren and this is the very thing which lets it down!

Dynatron View

“This is a thief’s worst frustration, a siren that won’t stop even if the wires are cut or the car battery disconnected. The owner can switch off this siren with either the remote or when the battery is disconnected, one of the two security keys supplied.”

Personally I don’t view a Siren with an over-ride key as being very effective. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all car thieves are stupid. It is just as easy to attack an exposed siren as it is to disconnect a battery!

AVS, Mongoose, Meridian and Uniden all have the same weakness with the sirens found on their 5 star models. I long for the day when the rule book changes and we catch up with the standards set out by Thatcham




Dynatron/Cyclops 7 Series RRP:

D7400 / P755 $489.00

D7600 / P775 $580.00

D7800 / P785 $680.00 (Not recommended)

Obsessive Rating: The Transponder  remote is a winner

The D7600 is the pick of the bunch and a highly recommended  Alarm System.

The remotes are tidy and look good without having any pointless buttons, but the siren on the D7800 is disappointing when compared to those offered by Cobra and Autowatch.




  • Boot Release
  • Courier mode (Requires Chip)
  • Built-in Turbo Timer (Chip not currently available)
  • Arm with External Turbo Timer Running (Requires Chip)

Additional Information:

PDF iconD7400 User Manual

PDF iconD7600 User Manual

PDF iconD7800 User Manual

Made by Dynamco PTY LTD. Sold to Dynatron NZ who re-branded here in NZ

Also sold as a Cyclops/Paralyser P755 (D7400), P775 (D7600), P785 (D7800).


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  1. Julian Julian says:

    Sounds like either a fault with the driver door motor or a wiring issue.
    If you are in Wellington then feel welcome to book the car in with me to look at.

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