Dynatron 4 Series, D4400, D4600, D4800

Cyclops Upgrade Alarm

Dynatron Product Range

Cyclops P475

Cyclops Product Range

The 4 Series is the Dynatron/Cyclops upgrade alarm and comes in three forms, D4400 (P455), D4600 (P475) and the D4800 (P485).

The D4600 and the D4800 both come with a glass break sensor which is left out on the Base D4400 model.

The 4 series has a built-in dual immobiliser but this only kicks in when the alarm is armed. If you require the alarm for insurance reasons it is worth noting that the vehicle should already have a factory fitted transponder immobiliser, or an aftermarket Immobiliser that meets with AS/NZS 4601:2003 or Thatcham CAT 2 requirements. (See 3 Star Immobilisers)

The Dyantron is not as advanced as either the Autowatch 555CLAM or the Cobra AB3868 which both have an Intelligent mode which gives them the ability to learn the timing of the vehicles locking sequence. However, it does have internal switches which allow it to be programmed to suit most vehicles. Dynatron also has a good database of vehicle wire diagrams which are available to official dealers.

Dynatron 4 Series Range of Alarms

Dynatron D4600

Dynatron D4600

D4400 Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser (Uses Horn for siren)
D4600 Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + Siren
D4800 Upgrade Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + BB Siren

Dynatron Options

The 4 Series Upgrade has a variety of siren options, the D4400 uses the car’s horn, the D4600 comes with a standard siren and the D4800 has a battery back-up siren. As I’ve pointed out time and time again, the weakness with the battery back-up siren is that it needs to be accessible for the over-ride key.

My pick of the range is the D4600, whilst it doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the Cobra AB3868 and the Autowatch 555CLAM it is less expensive and probably the best value for money 4-star upgrade available.

Dynatron 3 Series RRP:

D4400 / P455 $420.00

D4600 / P475 $480.00

D4800 / P485 $580.00

Obsessive Rating: The D4600 is in my humble opinion the best value upgrade alarm with a standard siren (none battery back-up) in New Zealand

Forget the D4800 as the Cobra AK4615 and Autowatch 555CLAM are in a different league.



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Additional Information:

User Manual

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Cyclops P455/475 User Manual


Dynatron Branded User Manuals:

D4400 User Manual

D4600 User Manual

D4800 User Manual

Made by Dynamco PTY LTD. Sold to Dynatron and re-branded here in NZ


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