Dynatron 3 Series, D3400, D3600, D3800



Cyclops Product Range

Cyclops Product Range

Update: June 2017

All 3 series alarms now come with a TX-90 Green LED remote which replaces the horrible TX-111.
Note: I have requested that they come with this remote but do not expect it if purchasing elsewhere.

The 3 Series is Dynatron/Cyclops entry level Insurance rated Alarm/Immobiliser. It is basically the same as the 7 series but without the transponder remoteThe TX-111 remote is a simple yet practical two button design which allows the user to silent arm the alarm via the remote as well as have the optional boot pop.

The TX-111 replaces the TX-11 remote which had a tendency for the rubber buttons to split. The TX-11 case would also break if given a hard life so the TX-111 is a much welcome improvement, but it still suffers from reliability issues with the battery terminals!

Dynatron/Cyclops 3 Series Range of Alarms

Dyantron D3600

Dyantron D3600 / Cyclops P375

D3400 (Paralyser 355) Remote Immobiliser (Optional alarm that uses the horn for a siren)
D3600 (Paralyser 375) Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + Siren
D3800 (Paralyser 385) Alarm/Immobiliser/Glass Break + BB Siren


Like the Dynatron 7 Series, the 3 Series has a variety of siren options, the D3400 uses the vehicle’s horn, where the D3600 comes with a standard siren.
The D3800 has a battery back-up siren but the big weakness with the battery back-up siren is the fact that it has to be accessible for the over-ride key. This is fine if you want that 5-star box ticked for your insurance company but in reality, it offers no real added protection.

TX-111 Remote

TX-111 Remote

Dynatron 3 Series RRP:

D3400 $400.00

D3600 $480.00

D3800 $580.00

Obsessive Rating: The D3600 is highly recommended as a 4 star

A reliable system which is easy to live with, the new TX-111 remote is simple and rugged. However, the siren on the D3800 lets the Dynatron down so I’d be looking at options from Cobra or Autowatch if I was considering a 5-star system.




  • Boot Release
  • Courier mode (Requires Chip)
  • Built-in Turbo Timer (Chip not currently available)
  • Arm with External Turbo Timer Running (Requires Chip)

Additional Information:

User Manual

PDF icon

Cyclops P355/375 User Manual


Dynatron Branded User Manuals:

D3400 User Manual

D3600 User Manual

D3800 User Manual

Made by Dynamco PTY LTD. Sold to Dynatron and re-branded here in NZ

Also sold as a Paralyser 355 (D3400), 375 (D3600), 385 (D3800).


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22 Responses to Dynatron 3 Series, D3400, D3600, D3800

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  4. Dan says:

    I’ve bought a car with the 3600 in it, installed by Obsessive 😉
    A tilt sensor has been added.
    Would you recomend an upgrade to a “better” alarm or should this be good enough.

  5. Julian says:

    Hi Dan,

    I guess that it depends on what car you have and where you keep it. Most of my customers are given a list of options and price is obviously a factor for what alarm they pick.

    Feel welcome to flick me an email with your details and I’ll update the vehicle info to my records.

  6. milan mitic says:

    Like to know pin number
    on remote is written TX-111
    and also 10050171 (probably serial number)
    alarm is a bit old but works ok

  7. Julian says:

    Hi Milan,

    I have no way of getting your PIN number without opening the alarm up (It is normally on a sticker on one of the immobiliser relays inside the case).

    I see that you’re in Aus so I would suggest that you contact Dynamco who should be able to offer you support.

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  10. Billy says:

    How do you rate the sirens on these 3 series’ Julian?? Would the 3 series lend itself to custom fitting an internal screamer for added protection?


  11. Julian says:

    The battery back-up sirens are not very flash and the battery life is not very impressive. If you stick with the standard “4 Star” siren then they are fine, plus you can add an internal screamer with ease.

  12. Billy says:

    Thanks for the reply Julian, much appreciated.

  13. Porsha says:

    Hi there,
    I currently have a horrible meridian immobiliser with very intermittent remotes. I thought of getting the remotes replaced but am thinking I may be better off entirely just getting the whole system replaced with a 4 star D3600.
    What are your thoughts?

  14. Julian says:

    Hi Porsha

    It’s certainly not worth spending any money on new remote controls for any Meridian so my advice is to remove or replace it with a decent system.
    I’d want to know what car before making any recommendation so feel welcome to use the contact form if you want a quote.

  15. Brent says:

    Hi have a 2013 Holden Commodore. Would the 3600 be good choice for this please

  16. Julian says:

    Hi Brent

    The 2013 Holden Commodore already has a factory immobiliser, you don’t need another one so the D3600 is not the smart way to go.

    Please use the contact form for enquiries as it helps keep the comments relevant.

  17. Robert Roper says:

    Hi moving my dynatron d3600 to a new vehicle, I have a very small combined black and red wire from module not sure usage as diagram supplied does not show. Any idea
    Many thanks Bob

  18. Julian says:

    Sounds like the LED wire. Personally, I’d recommend using a new loom if you want a clean install.

  19. Philip Rayner says:

    Hi what does this line mean?
    Built-in Turbo Timer (Chip not currently available)
    Does that mean the turbo timer function can work?Or you have to somehow buy a chip for it, and the magic chip cannot be sourced, so effectively this alarm doesn’t support turbo timer?

  20. Julian says:

    I still have chips that allow the alarm to support aftermarket turbo timers, just not the ones that allow the alarm to work as one. This blog post is now over 11 years old and was correct at the time of publication, I dare say there are alarms out there that have this chip too, even if you can’t currently get one. I hope this makes things clear.

  21. Rob Searle says:

    Hi. I have purchased a vehicle with a Dynatron D3800 fitted. It only has one immobilizer remote. I would like to purchase another back up remote. Can I get a price delivered to ** ***** Road, RD9, Whangarei 0179. Cheers Rob.

  22. Julian says:

    Hi Rob,

    It’s best to use the contact page for a quote rather than publishing your details on the blog.
    Details on how to order can be found here…

    I’ve sent you an email to make things easy this time.


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