Do you Recycle your Remote Batteries?

How many small batteries do you go through each year?

I know I get through a large number, especially the small coin batteries that most car alarm remote controls use.

What do you do with the dead ones?

Do you place them in the rubbish bin? Or do you go to the effort of recycling them?

Do you even know where you can take them to be recycled?

My battery collection which I recycled today

Today I dropped a box full of small batteries off at the Sustainability Trust in Wellington. They do charge a small fee to cover their cost, but it’s not much.

The box above cost me $2.50. Yes, it costs more than putting them into the rubbish, but its the right thing to do, well unless you are a thoughtless arsehole!

Sustainability Trust in Wellington.

I asked if they would still charge if I only dropped off a couple of batteries. The reply was no, simply because it’s not worth the admin time, and they would rather take them than know that they would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Recycling Challenge

Now I’m not perfect and know I can improve my recycling game. In doing so I encourage all of you to do your part too. Feel welcome to give me your used batteries if you see me out and about. I keep a box for them in the van. Or better still recycle them yourself.

Challenge the shops that sell batteries

Next time you go into Jaycar, Repco, Super Cheap Auto, or your local car dealership to get new remote batteries ask them what the do with the old ones.

Do they recycle them? If not why not?

Ask the same question to your local car alarm installer too. They may not even have considered recycling them, so your question could make the difference.

Let me know what the reply is. Feel welcome to publish it here too.

If you live outside of Wellington let me know where you take your batteries and I’ll update this post to make it easier for people. Everyone who makes an effort will make a little bit of difference so please encourage responsible recycling habits.

Thanks Julian


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