Did you lose your Mongoose M60 remote on the 471 bus in Auckland today?

Mongoose M60 Remote found on the bus

The Penrose to Auckland City Bus.

The following email showed up in my inbox this morning:

Comment or Question: I was travelling to auckland city today in bus 471 from penrose. I found a key and cannot find the person who ownes the key.   This car key contains this car alarm having this number on it N4096Z333.    Can you please track down the person by this number if you have records who bought it? and can you please tell the person to contact me on 022397**** as soon as possible.    Thanks..

Contrary to popular folklore, I’m not actually responsible for every alarm that gets installed in New Zealand. Generally, I only do the good ones, and they are normally limited to being in Wellington, which rules out the Mongoose M60 as it falls into the “Not very good category” so I refuse to install them!

N4096 Z333

Mongoose MRC63 (M60 remote)

Mongoose MRC63 (M60 remote)

The number N4096Z333 is not an individual ID tag as it is moulded to the back of every Mongoose MRC63 remote.

Also, I don’t do many installs in Auckland, although there are a couple of Toyota Surfs that now have a reasonable tidy Cobra system installed following my recent road trip to the big city.

Anyway whilst I don’t have a record of every alarm ever installed I’d still like to do my bit to help, so if you are the poor soul who has the misfortune of owning a Mongoose M60 and left their car keys on the 471 bus today, then get in touch and I’ll pass on the phone number of the nice lady who contacted me this morning.



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6 Responses to Did you lose your Mongoose M60 remote on the 471 bus in Auckland today?

  1. A customer pointed us in the direction of your blog about Mongoose remote controls and the numbers printed on them.
    The number N4096 Z333 is a radio compliance and supplier number issued to Mongoose by Radio Spectrum Management, a division of the Ministry of Economic Develeopment.
    Every brand should have its own compliance number.

    Transmitting devices are tested to ensure compliance as part of the EMC test requirements. (it’s an expensive test at $5,000 per model of alarm) All Mongoose alarms have been submitted to these tests in Australia.

    It is a legal requirement that all wholesalers and retailers ensure the compliance number is printed or engraved on the back of any transmitting device that they sell.
    If the manufacturer/distributor fails to comply, then it is the retailers responsibility.
    Government inspectors do visit importers and retailers to ensure compliance. Penalties can be incurred for non-compliance.

    Check the back of your car alarm remote – does it have the compliance number ?
    If not, then it probably doesn’t comply and is illegal !

    For further information contact;
    Radio Spectrum Management | MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT
    Private Bag 92061, Victoria Street West, Auckland, 1142, New Zealand
    Phone: 0508 776 463 | DDI: 09-916 4503 | Mobile: 021 689 526 | Fax: 09- 916 4561

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Mongoose Sales,

    Great to know you are still following the blog 🙂

    Following on from your comments can you explain to me why the Mongoose MRC1202 has no compliance number printed on the back?

    Mongoose MRC1202

    Does this mean that you are willingly selling an item that is illegal?
    If so, then maybe you should hand yourself into the police and confess to breaking the law!

  3. Avatar Mongoose sales says:

    The remote control that you show are for an alarm that started manufacture prior to the 2003 standards and that the compliance requirement was not retrospective to old design alarms and remotes.

    If you wish to continue this discussion, we would prefer you do so in a professional manner.

    If ever you wish to discuss anything regarding our products or the industry, we encourage you to call and speak to us.

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Maybe you should have pointed out that all remote controls designed before 2003 are exempt from this rule in your previous post, rather then playing the “mightier then thou” card? Funny how the rule only fit when it suits you!

    Need I point out that it was not me who hijacked the subject and started ranting about how some alarm remote controls were not legal!

    Another example of the Mangoose spin machine breaking down! X0X0X

  5. Julian Julian says:

    Dear Mongoose Spin Machine:

    After having a good read up on http://www.rsm.govt.nz/ I’ve failed to find the part where it states that the number needs to be printed on the back of the transmitter. My Nissan Wingroad is a 2006 and has no number printed in the remote despite being designed after 2003.

    Are you suggesting that Nissan are making illegal remote controls too? Or maybe you would like to admit that you are talking out of your backside? We all make mistakes, but only some of us are big enough to admit when we are wrong!

    Love Julian

  6. Avatar Billy says:

    Whoever lost it more than likely bypassed the ‘GOOSE in seconds, nullifying the neccesity to locate the keys owners. Or more likely the Goose had been bypassed by a crook who proceeded to dump the keys on the bus knowing he didnt need the remote to deactivate the “security” system

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