Dead Car Alarms!

The Obsessive Vehicle Security 2009 award for worst car alarm goes to Meridian. I have removed 13 of them in the past year, unlucky for the owners who have all found out the hard way!

The Obsessive Car alarm graveyard is getting so clogged up of the things that I’m considering a car alarm crematorium… Mmmm the smell of burning plastic is not that nice now I think of it!


Dead Car Alarms

Dead Car Alarms

If you have a Meridian alarm and would like it to be removed then I’m more than happy to RIP it out of your car free of charge for anyone purchasing a new alarm.

Here’s the Meridian Review from last year…

Read more about the Car Alarm Grave Yard on our Facebook page…

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6 Responses to Dead Car Alarms!

  1. Olivia says:

    I think my Meridian immobiliser might be somewhere in that graveyard…

    I recently lost my remote, and decided not to fork out $110 for a new one after I read Julian’s blog and saw how ineffective they are anyway. Thanks for coming and removing the unit so quickly!



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  3. Ryan says:

    Add one to the graveyard! Thanks for the shiny new Autowatch! I knew from the start that the Meridian was junk just by the cheap, broken down key fobs that worked half of the time I pressed them. When I read on your reviews about the lack of quality on the other components as well, I knew that it was time to call the reaper on it:) Great website. I know more about alarms now than I thought I would.

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the feedback, it’s great to know you’re happy with your new Autowatch.

    Your dead Meridian is now on the Facebook page:
    Facebook Car Alarm Graveyard

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