Custom Made Exhaust

The exhaust on the Beat has been on the “to do list” for sometime now. Last week this became a priority as the original one finally developed a hole. My options were to either import one from Japan or to get one custom made.

Jamie at Pit Stop in Lower Hutt came highly recommended by two of my customers so I bit the bullet and called into see him.

All to easy, I booked the car in and it was done within a day. The Beat now makes a nice Bwarp sound, performs better and dare I say it look more sporty.

Jamie is the man, a big thumbs up for his workmanship and I highly recommend him if you need an next exhaust.

Obsessive Go-Kart

I’ve noticed that there have been no good shots of the Beat since the headlamps were converted so here’s another:

Kei Car Image

I’m planning to get Yemo to do a photo shoot in the near future as I really like his photography style. Until then check out his new website:

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