Criminals Defeating Immobilisers!

Here’s an interesting read about Immobilisers in Europe which was drawn to my attention by a blog readers email. (Thank you, Rochelle)

In short, it states that after 16 years of Vehicle Theft declining in Germany the tide is now changing as thieves are finally finding ways to defeat immobilisers.

Of course, most of Europe introduced compulsory vehicle immobilisers back in 1998. Here in NZ, we are still waiting for the idea to be introduced!

The story (link below) from the New Scientist website is certainly worth a read as it may affect us here in about 20 years time!!!!

Criminals find the key to car immobilisers

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  1. Avatar Rick says:

    This is the same old story as the problems with computer network security. A propritary encryption system is not something to trust because a lot of its security comes from obscurity. It’s fine if it’s well implemented but if it’s “secret” then how do you know? If it’s design is rubbish then you don’t know that either. Once enterprising hackers find the design faults then it all falls apart.

    There are several proven highly secure open encryption standards that are super hard to crack and it amazes me that people like car manufactures insist on reinventing the wheel (unavoidable pun!) ignoring standards that work.

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