Cobra Tilt Sensor

Think how much it would suck to wake up one morning only to find that your wheels had been stolen from your car! Not much fun hey?

So how to protect your wheels?

Most alarm systems do not protect against wheel theft. Whilst some alarms have a shock/vibration sensor, the reality is that these are generally found on cheap systems and are one of the biggest causes of false alarms. Personally, I’m not a fan of alarms that cry wolf so try to avoid these.

Alarm Tilt Sensor

Wheel Theft!

Alarm tilt sensors don’t pick up vibrations, they look for a constant change in angle, which makes them far more effective. When the alarm is armed the tilt sensor learns the angle in which the vehicle is parked. If the sensor detects the vehicle moving at more than 0.6° per minute it will trigger the alarm system as shown in the video below:

Of course, my alarm is also hooked up to a GPS pager which will then call my cell phone.

It’s not just the wheels that the tilt sensor protects against as any attempt to tow the car will also trigger the system.

A tilt sensor can be fitted to most alarms, but what I like most about fitting it with a Cobra alarm is having the option to disable it via the remote control. This way I can take the car on the ferry and am still able to arm the system.

Cobra 5452 Level Sensor

RRP: $150.00

Obsessive Rating: Wheely good (Sorry!)

I’m aware of some other tilt sensors that have issues (and yes these are known NZ models so be warned!)

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8 Responses to Cobra Tilt Sensor

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  5. Junior says:

    i will like to know how can I set up the alarm that will call my cellphone when triggered
    using the GPS pager or witch alarm i can buy that has the tilt sensor and the pager thing ?

  6. Julian says:

    Hi Junior,

    The alarm, GPS pager and tilt sensor are all separate items that have been installed together. The main thing it to find an alarm that has a pager out-put, although most basic alarms with a negative siren out-put can also be wired to the pager. The pager needs to see a negative input for 3 seconds or more.

    I’ve used a Cobra because it is very loud and has a water proof siren, plus gives me the options of turning the tilt sensor off with the remote should I wish to take the car on the ferry.

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