Cobra Immobiliser Security Housing

There are three way to defeat an immobiliser. The first is to find the unit and follow the wires back to where they immobilise the vehicle.

This is where a small well hidden, hard to access immobiliser with cables dressed to look factory is really important (Don’t skimp on the installation).

The second is to simply disarm the system by cloning a remote or by having the over-ride number which is often easy to do!

The third is to find the immobiliser and open it up. With most of the well-known systems in New Zealand this is far to easy as you can see here.

Cobra Immobiliser Security Housing Test

This is why I love the Cobra Immobiliser. I found an old one from the now discontinued AB7928 and challenged a builder I know to see if he could open or destroy it with a hammer.

The Hammer Attack

Here is what happened:

After admitting defeat he asked if he could attack it with a coal chisel and a lump hammer.

Coal Chisel Attack

So the plastic surrounding case has finally been ripped apart to reveal a metal plate. It’s a good insight into how these are manufactured and the case is held together and filled with resin.

Cobra Immobiliser after attack

Now what?

The insides are still intact and unlike all the other brands in NZ there are no spade terminals to simply plug together!

To put things into perspective here is an AVS immobiliser I attacked back in 2014:

If you want to cringe at how AVS test their products then read this!

And if you’re thinking the Cobra immobiliser is quite large then you’ll be pleased to know that the current 8509 immobiliser is half the size and made same way!


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1 Response to Cobra Immobiliser Security Housing

  1. Avatar Dave says:

    That really does show the world how strong and secure Cobra products are made…

    The most important feature I like on the Cobra immobiliser system, is the unit and how it’s sealed meaning you simply can’t pop open the case and bridge the immobiliser cuts unlike other well known brands!

    Keep up the good work.

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