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Ears – Protected by Cobra

Protected by Cobra

New Zealand Product Range

Some time ago I made a joke about how Cobra should provide installers with earmuffs so that they can test alarms systems without suffering from the evil wail their sirens make.

I’ve worn ear muffs in the past when testing (Check out the video which is so old I had a brick phone!) so figured it would be cool to have some red ones with the Protected by Cobra stickers on them.

Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise when Brandon at Tech2You turned up with some as a gift. Thanks, Bro, really appreciated 🙂

Julian @ Obesessive Vehicle Security

A must-have for Cobra installers!

I’ve crudely stuck some Cobra stickers on to them but they do the job nicely.

Protected by Cobra!

Protected by Cobra!

The new wireless siren that comes with the AK4615 is also super loud and has a nasty pitch to it.

Turn your speakers up and check out this recent AK4615 install into a Captiva 7


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2 Responses to Cobra Ear Muffs

  1. Avatar Brandon says:

    Hi Julian,

    Thank you for the shout-out! Also, thank you for installing both our alarms, very happy with it!

    The website is not going live just yet, it’s being re-made so that it is finally MOBILE friendly (only going live on Dec 01 – So keep your eyes peeled and again, thank you! 🙂

    027 TECH2YOU – 027 832 4296
    Computer’s got a problem and you don’t know what to do? Pick up the phone and get a Tech 2 You!

  2. Avatar Brandon says:

    Please excuse the lack of grammar, been driving for the last 7 and a half hours, after a funeral…

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