Cobra Alarm Fault Codes

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

If your alarm triggers you’ll probably want to know what has caused it to happen. This way it can be repaired if damage has occurred or be put right if there is an issue with a faulty sensor.

All Cobra alarms will notify you of a trigger when you disarm them by a beeping of the siren. (Note that if you have arm/disarm chirps activated the beeps will be additional to the normal disarm notification beeps).

At this stage open a door to prevent the alarm from re-arming and get into the vehicle to count the LED flashes.

Cobra LED Control Panel

The LED on the control panel will then flash a number between 1 and 7 to notify you what the fault code is. (There are higher numbers but these are rarely seen and are technical installing information)

For example the code for a bonnet sensor is 3. The LED would flash 3 times then pause before flashing 3 times again.

It’s worth mentioning that if there has been more then one code then they will be flashed in turn before repeating.

Note: Turning the Ignition on, or arming the alarm will clear the codes. If your immobiliser is set to auto-arm then make a point to count the fault code number before it kicks in and is lost.

Here is a video explaining what to look for:

Fault Codes:

  1. flash: Door opening detection.
  2. flashes: Ultrasonic Sensor detection.
  3. flashes: Bonnet opening detection.
  4. flashes: Ignition key ON detection.
  5. flashes: Boot opening detection. (Additional Sensor AB3868)
  6. flashes: Door opening detection (Not used on all alarms)
  7. flashes: “Additional Sensor” detection. (such as PIR or Level Sensor)
  8. or more flashes (Technical installation code)

The Control Panel/LED can also be used to disarm the alarm with your over-ride pin number.

Note: The codes are correct for all current Cobra Alarm Systems, but vary on some of the older models.

Check your user manual and consult your installer if in any doubt.

Finally if you can’t disarm your alarm with the remote or the over-ride pin code the make sure your vehicle battery is not flat as over 80% of electronic issues I come across turn out to be due to battery issues!


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