Cobra AK4908

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

Cobra were one of the first car alarm manufactures to produce a CAN BUS alarm, I installed my first one back in 2004 when I was still living in the UK, the vehicle was a MK 5 Volkswagen Golf and remember being impressed at how brilliant it was.

The AK4908 comes with Cobra’s Digital battery back-up siren along with Ultrasonic internal protection as standard.

CAN BUS alarms communicate directly with the vehicles BUS network and so each alarm needs to be programed with the correct software to read the individual vehicles data. Given that on many modern cars traditional upgrade alarms are difficult or impossible to install CAN-BUS alarms are a neat and reliable solution. Cobra have been making CAN BUS alarms longer then most of the competition and their experience shows in the quality of the AK4908.

Technical Wizardry

I recently installed a AK4908 into a new Audi A3 and was blown away by what it could do. However initially the system was giving me a head ache….

Audi A3+Cobra AK4908=Brilliant

Audi A3 + Cobra AK4908 = Brilliant

I have a good habit of opening a cars window before working on the electrics to avoid locking the keys in the car, (Some lessons are learned  the hard way!!!) Anyway I had finished the alarm installation on the A3 and was puzzled as to why I was hearing a warning chirp on arming the system, I tested the alarm and found the ultrasonics did not work…

I read the installation and user manuals from cover to cover and there was no explanation so I phoned Cobra technical who were at a loss to what was happening. This left me only one option which was to take a break and put the kettle on. I closed the window and pressed the remote as I walked off. This time there was no warning chirp… Mmmm something has changed!!!

The alarm knew when the windows were not fully closed and gave a warning Chirp upon arming to inform that the car was not fully secure, it then turned off the Ultrasonic sensors to avoid a false alarm from potential air movement. Genius!

If only the Technical support was as cleaver as the Alarm then life would be easy! The only complaint I have is the lack of information available from Cobra Europe about what features are available with each vehicle. This could be a great selling point and seems a wasted opportunity.  Even to this day I have no information about what features are available for each model car, Aarrrrgghghhhhh…. Apart form being let down by humans the AK4908 is brilliant and on some vehicles may come with some extra bonus features, that said don’t expect window open warning on most cars!

AK4908 CAN BUS Alarm: An alarm geeks dream!

Cobra AK4908

Cobra AK4908

RRP: $740.00

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgrde

Obsessive Rating:
So cleaver its scary!

Even by Cobra’s high standards this is just brilliant….



Digital Battery Back-up Siren


Dash Mount LED Over-ride

Full operation via Factory remote


Additional sensors

Anti Hi-Jack

Click here to see the list of Compatible Vehicles

PDF icon4800-4900 CAN User Manual (English pages only)

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3 Responses to Cobra AK4908

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  2. Des says:

    Hi Julian,

    Would like to get it install in my 2008 VW Passat.

    Planning to drive to you on 02 Jun 2018, Saturday, if that’s fine with you

    Also can I add the Driver’s card for this alarm or do I have to goto 4615?

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Des,

    The AK4908 is an old model which is out of production.
    The AK4615 is the current model CAN-BUS alarm which will work with a drivers card too.

    Not yet sure what I have planned for the 2nd, but I maybe away from Wellington as it is Queens Birthday long weekend. I’ll keep you posted.


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