Cobra AK4698

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

The Cobra AK4698 is the replacement for the soon to be discontinued AK4198 which set the bench mark for Remote Upgrade Alarms back in 2008. It’s an alarm that I would rate as being the best by a significant margin, both in terms of features and reliability. I have installed hundreds of them over the years. Given this the AK4698 has very high standards to meet.

Like it’s predecessor it comes with two remote controls and is designed for modern vehicles with an existing immobiliser.

The AK4698 is basically a remote version of the excellent AK4615 but without the CAN-BUS integration. It has the same waterproof wireless siren along with other siren options which I’ll explain later in the post, and can be programmed using the Cobra Andromeda software which allows the installer to custom program the alarm to suit the vehicle simply by plugging into a laptop.

Cobra AK4698 plugged into laptop for programming

Cobra AK4698 plugged into laptop for programming

Remote Control Options

Cobra two button padlock remote

2 button padlock remote $25.00 for case upgrade 

Standard issue remote with AK4698

AK4698 G series remote comes as standard

The AK4698 comes with the G Series remote as standard. Personally I’m not a big fan of this design and I’m aware that the dongle section that attaches to the key ring can break after a number of years.

I’ve decided to keep stock of the 2 Button Padlock remote case (the one that the AK4198 had) so I can offer it as an alternative. The internals are the same for both remote controls so the case can be changed if it is not to your taste.

The alarm with the padlock remote case is an extra $25.00 which covers my cost on the case (Only available upon installation and I retain the G Series case).

Advanced Remote Functions

The first press of the lock button arms the alarm, pressing the lock button a second time within 28 seconds will deselect the ultrasonic sensors, a third press disables the 3rd **optional sensor, and a 4th press disables all sensors other then the doors, boot and bonnet.

Simple arming (Press the arm button X number of times)

  1. Arm * (all sensors are active after 28 seconds)
  2. Disarm ultrasonic sensors for arm cycle
  3. Disarm optional sensor ** for arm cycle
  4. Disarm both ultrasonic sensors and optional sensor ** for arm cycle

* Keep lock button held down for controlled window closure where fitted and programmed (See window closure section)

** Optional sensor such as level sensor or PIR movement sensor

Selective Unlocking

The unlock button disarms the alarm and unlocks all the doors. For vehicles that feature selective unlocking the first press of the unlock button will unlock the drivers door and a second press will unlock the other doors.

Advanced Ultrasonic Sensor Control

Ultrasonic sensors explained

Ultrasonic sensors explained

Like the AK4615 the AK4698 allows the ultrasonic sensors to be adjusted for small cabins. It can also turn the sensors down to 70% sensitivity via an external input. This can be really useful on courier vans where the alarm is armed with the engine running with the fan heater left on. When the alarm detects that the fan is on it will turn the sensors down so the air movement generated by the fan does not cause a false alarm.

More Siren Options

Optional 4310 siren

Optional 4310 siren

If the wireless siren is not enough (it will be for most people) then there is the option of adding both horn honk and the 4310 waterproof siren.

The outgoing AK4198 only allowed for either the horn or an additional siren to be added whereas the AK4698 allows for both on top of the standard wireless battery back-up siren.

The volume level of the siren can be adjusted if audible arm/disarming is selected. As with all Cobra systems you can be confident that the sirens battery pack will last for years.

Optional Window Closure

Automatic window closure (windows roll up automatically when armed) or controlled comfort closure (Windows roll up whilst the remote lock button is held down) are both an option with the AK4698.

For cars that close the windows when the key is held in the lock position of the drivers door (common with BMW, Audi, VW and Skoda) this can normally be included for no extra cost.

Built in Starter Immobiliser

The AK4698 will automatically immobilise the starter motor when armed. It also has the option of having the 8509 Immobiliser pack added for additional security.


AK4698 Remote Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AK4698

RRP: $650.00

$675.00 with padlock remote case 

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham Cat 2-1 Remote Upgrade alarm

Obsessive Rating:
Top of the line security that comes highly recommended

Other then the remote case (which is a taste thing and can be changed) the AK4698 is a significant improvement on the AK4198 which takes some beating!



Options: (not standard features so additional cost applies)

Additional Information:

PDF icon4698 User Manual


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