Cobra AK4615 siren testing.

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

The Cobra 4310 siren has been in a league of its own for as long as I can remember. Not only is it horribly loud, it has an internal battery pack that still works many years after getting installed (most systems do well if the internal battery lasts two years!) and is a true digital siren without any over-ride keys and bullshit sales spin. It is also waterproof. No other manufacture (available in NZ) has been able to offer anything that comes close.

AK4615 siren

Just over two years ago Cobra released the AK4615 which came with a wireless siren. It has a different case the the 4310 and I figured it was about time that I put one in the sink to see how it copes under water.

Hands up, I’m only two years late in doing this test but I can confidently say I’d be happy to put one in an off road vehicle. Also I have not had any sirens fail as yet.


OK, it does have cables as it still needs power and ground, plus has a bonnet switch input, so wireless maybe the wrong word. What it does have is wireless communication with the alarm ECU so there is no need to run cables through the firewall which can make installation much easier on some vehicles.

Again I challenge any other alarm distributor (I know most of you read this ­čÖé ) to send me a siren or alarm for that matter and I’ll video the results.


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