Cobra AK4615

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

CAN-BUS Vehicle List

The number of vehicle now featuring CAN-BUS is rapidly growing.

Here is a full list of compatible cars which I update on a regular basis.

Note: If your vehicle is not listed then chances are it can be wired as a PLIP upgrade alarm, please contact me for details.

New from Cobra is the AK4615, which is really taking alarm technology to a new level. Not only does the alarm feature a wireless siren (more about that later) and Ultrasonic Sensors, but it also works as a CAN-BUS, or PLIP (upgrade) alarm so will work with nearly all vehicle from the factory remote control.


Andromeda Mobile

Mobile Software updates and custom programming.

The AK4615 can be configured to work in almost any vehicle as it can be programmed for CAN-BUS software or as a conventional Upgrade alarm. Each unit needs to be programmed before installation and simply plugs into a computer via the USB port to hook up to the Cobra’s Andromeda software program. Personally I carry a laptop so I can make program changes on the road.

Once plugged in the installer can select between CAN-BUS and PLIP Alarm then decide which vehicle platform the alarm needs and change most of the features.

Having had a play myself I can say that the alarm is very versatile but does require some technical knowledge to fully understand what it is capable of. There are many hidden gems in the programming options which allows for some creative installation options.

What features the alarm offers varies massively between vehicle make and models. For example, many of the German cars will inform the alarm if a window is left open, the alarm will then disable the ultrasonic sensors to avoid a false alarm and chirp a warning tone on arming to notify the owner. The alarm can also disarm when the vehicle is presented with a valid transponder key.

Some manufactures have a far more basic CAN-BUS network so it’s worth asking about what features are available for your own car.

Minor programming changes such as siren arm/disarm chirp selection and volume can still be adjusted once the alarm is in the vehicle.

Optional Cobra Remote

Optional Cobra Remote Controls

The AK4615 also has the option of operating from a Cobra remote. There are two style to choose from as shown in the picture.

These are a great for those who acquire a car with only one remote key as the Cobra option is normally much more affordable then a second remote key from the dealership where prices can verge on being extortionate!

Cobra Wireless Siren

Cobra-Wireless-SirenThe AK4615 is the first car alarm to feature a wireless siren.

Whilst it still needs a power supply to charge the battery back-up siren there is no longer the need to wire the siren up to the alarm ECU which saves the need to run cables between the two.

The Wireless siren also passes the Obsessive water test

Only One Way Communication

The Siren has a bonnet switch input which will trigger it into action if opened when armed, so there is no need to run any cables though the firewall. That said because there is only one way wireless communication from the alarm ECU to the siren, the bonnet sense wire only triggers the siren into life and not the main alarm. Having said that many CAN-BUS vehicles already have a factory bonnet switch that the CAN-BUS system will read directly. For cars that don’t, this means that the pager out-put or hazard lights won’t activate if the bonnet is opened. If you do want this feature then it maybe worth asking the installer to hard wire a bonnet switch to the main alarm ECU.

Horn Honk and second siren

The alarm has a dedicated horn honk output and can also have a the Cobra 4310 siren added as an optional extra.

New Features

The AK4615 effectively replaces both the AB3868 and the AK4908. It also has plenty of new features lacking in past models such as Pager out-put and the ability to hook up a second digital siren, or Immobiliser (remember not all CAN-BUS vehicles have a factory immobiliser, for example 2012 Corolla Wagon).

AK4615 CAN-BUS Alarm

Cobra 4615

Cobra AK4615

RRP: $700.00

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgarde alarm

Can be programmed for CAN-BUS or PLIP configuration

Obsessive Rating:
Class Leading Security

Cobra seems to be the only manufacture who have a active R&D department. The only alternatives seem very outdated!

Optional ADR Card

Cobra ADR Cards by Vodafone Automotive work with the Cobra AK4615 protect your vehicle from theft by key cloning. This way if a smart key gets cloned the car remains immobilised.

More details about OBDII coming soon.

Full details of how it works can be found here….




Additional Information:

How to disable sensors when arming:

Written sensor disable post here…

PDF icon4615 Series User Manual (English pages only)

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24 Responses to Cobra AK4615

  1. Jason says:

    Hey i have old car 1980 , looking at getting alarm , which is best for my car AVS S5?

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jason,

    I’ll need to know what car you have before making any recommendations.
    Maybe read the review of the AVS (Awful Vehicle Security!)
    Please use to contact form rather then posting your details in public.


  3. Renato Souza says:

    Hi Julian

    I’ve got a 2012 Nissan NV350. I’m a builder and then my van always have tools inside. Also I don’t think it has a immobiliser, what I your recommendation?

    Thank you.

  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Renato,

    Please use the Contact Form if you want a quote. I need to know some details to give you a useful reply such as your location.
    This post covers the NV350


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