Cobra AK4147 Toyota Alarm

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

Note: The Cobra AK4147 is no longer available and has been replaced by the AK4218

The Cobra AK4147 is an upgrade alarm that has been designed to work with Toyota’s. It is truly unique in how it works as it reads the signal from the Toyota’s remote receiver module to arm and disarm.

It can also accept Cobra remotes to command the alarm. The AK4147 will work with most Toyota’s manufactured after 2002.

Toyota Alarm

What is truly brilliant about how the AK4147 works, is that it allows for complete control via the Toyota remote. Most upgrade alarms will only allow the remote to arm and disarm the system.

With the AK4147 the ultrasonics can be turned off by pressing the lock button again within 40 seconds of arming the alarm. A third press of the lock button within that time will turn off any additional sensors added to the system such as a tilt or P.I.R. sensor.

Pressing the lock button when the alarm is fully armed will active car finder mode and a second press will allow for the panic alarm.

Basically, the AK4147 is very similar to the AK4198 but has the additional benefit of working via the Toyota remote. There really is nothing else like it, even CAN-BUS alarms don’t offer some of the features found with the system.

To top things off the AK4147 comes with the option of having a separate Cobra remote with the Toyota logo on it. This is ideal where the second Toyota key does not have a build in buttons.

The Ultimate Toyota Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AK4147

Toyota Alarm

Now replaced by the Cobra AK4218

(updated October 2012)

Obsessive Rating:
Bulletproof perfection!

No other upgrade alarm even comes close. Sadly I own a Nissan…




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  5. Christine Paula McDonald says:


    How much does the car alarm ‘Cobra AK4147 Toyota alarm’ cost (including


  6. Julian says:

    Hi Christine,

    The AK4147 is no longer available so I’m not able to offer you a price on it, however it has been replaced by the AK4218 which is $650.00 installed.

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