Cobra AB7928

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

The AB7928 has been around for a good 10 years now, but despite its age has features which are sadly lacking from most of the rival brands here in New Zealand. Ultrasonics come as standard along with a digital battery back-up siren.

One of the strongest points with the AB7928 is the immobiliser housing which is a sealed attack proof unit that is connected to the main alarm module via a digital data wire. This means that even if it is located it is not possible to simply undo the screws and pop it open and by-pass the Immobiliser cuts.

Two Button Remote

Cobra AB7928 Remote

Cobra 4T7777 Remote: Battery # CR2032

The Larger button arms/disarms the alarm and the second button will turn off the ultrasonics and additional sensors and act as a panic button.

One odd thing with the AB7928 is that there are no arm/disarm chirps. You have to look for the indicator flash to confirm. This can be quite annoying at times.

The remote controls, despite the odd appearance, are very rugged and have certainly passed the test of time, they are also great to use in the dark as the main button has a nipple in the centre making it easy to locate with your thumb.


Cobra seems to have overdone the over-ride options on this model as the alarm not only has an additional touch key (in-case the remote ever fails) as well as a 4 digit pin number. Personally, I wouldn’t want the over-ride touch key cluttering up my key-ring but it is certainly easier than having to use a pin number.

The one thing that is missing is a pager output but on the whole, this remains a solid alarm

Cobra AB7928

Cobra AB7928

RRP: 700.00 No Long Available.

Insurance Approved: Thatcham Cat 1

Note: The AB7928 is no longer in production and as a result of this the Thatcham CAT 1 approval has now expired (January 2012).

Obsessive Rating:
Getting old and no longer in production but still better than most!

If you can live without having the arm/disarm chirps and don’t mind the ‘odd looking’ remotes then the AB7928 is hard to fault. However, if you’re after something more modern then the New AK4138 maybe a better choice.




Additional information

Cobra 7777 Remote

PDF iconAB7928 User Manual

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  3. Avatar Jassu Jain says:

    I nEed the remote of Cobra AB7928 Remote

    I am from Delhi, India.

  4. Avatar Julian says:

    I think you meant to say you need the remote for a AB7928 alarm. You’ll need to know your over-ride pin number to access programming so make sure you have this before you purchase one or you’ll not be able to get it to work.

    The remote is known as a 4T7777

    I suggest you contact Cobra to find out who your nearest dealer is:

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