Cobra AB3868

Update August 2016: The Cobra AB3868 is to be discontinued in New Zealand and has been superseded by the AK4615.

Stock Clearance

I have purchased a bulk load of the remaining stock at a discounted price so can pass the saving on to you.

Now $500.00 whilst stock lasts subject to vehicle and suitability.

The Cobra AB3868 set a new benchmark for upgrade alarms when it was released and despite being an old model is still far better than most of the alternatives in New Zealand, even in 2016! It’s a very versatile alarm that works with your factory remote control. The AB3868 is intelligent in that it learns the timing of the vehicle’s arm and disarm commands.

Ultrasonic Sensors come as standard

Paper clip system Ultrasonic Sensors that tuck in between the "A pillar" trim and the roof lining.

Paperclip style Ultrasonic Sensors that tuck in between the “A pillar” trim and the roof lining.

Like all Cobra alarms, Ultrasonic Sensors come as standard, but the design is not as elegant as the current range found with its replacement the AK4615.

That said they can be swapped over for the new style without any issues for a small amount extra.

The AB3868 is rated as a Thatcham CAT 2 to 1 upgrade. In other words, it is designed for vehicles with an existing transponder immobiliser and uses the existing factory remotes to arm/ disarm.

Super Loud Siren

As with all Cobra alarms the AB3868 has a siren that is shrill, loud, and attention-grabbing when triggered, exactly the way any good car alarm should be. It can also be programmed for whatever volume you desire for the arm and disarm chirps or set to silent.

The downside of the alarm is that it is not modular, which means it contains all the electronics in the siren housing. This makes it bigger than the current 4310 siren and more of a challenge to install than the new generation wireless siren found with the AK4615.

The wiring loom is quite bulky, it can place limitations on the installation. On some vehicles, it can be a pain getting the cables into the cabin so it’s simply not practical to install.

Missing Features Compared to the AK4615

The AB3868 does not have a pager output so if you want an alarm that can be wired up to a pager, or GPS tracker then the New AK4615 would be my recommendation.

It also lacks the following:

  • Horn Honk
  • Second Siren option
  • Drivers Card Option (but still has an anti-hi-jack mode)
  • CAN-BUS capability

Cobra AB3868 PLIP Upgrade Alarm

Cobra AB3868 PLIP Upgrade Alarm

RRP: $650.00 * Now $500.00 whilst stock last (Subject to the vehicle and suitability)

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham Cat 2-1 Upgrade

Obsessive Rating:
Getting old now but still better than most

A great alarm for the price




Additional Information:

PDF icon3868 User Manual (English pages only)

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5 Responses to Cobra AB3868

  1. Alex says:

    Hi, what would you recommend for a 72 Holden Monaro?
    My insurance wants a 5-star approvd system. Id rather have a real 5-star and not a budget one off TMe.

  2. Julian says:

    You’d need an alarm with it’s own remotes so the AB3868 is certainly out as it is an Upgrade alarm. I’d suggest either the Cobra AB7928, the Cobra AK4198 with extra Immobiliser, or the Autowatch 446RLi Premium.
    I’ll not go into the details here as it’s public access so please email or call me to discuss your options 0212425276,

  3. Mark Fisher says:

    Hi, can the cobra AB3868 control a Dome light supervision relay ?

  4. Julian says:

    It’s not a feature on the AB3868. Most Euro cars with factory keyless entry tend to have this already (Cobra is made in Italy and I’d assume are more concentrated on the Euro market) although I know there are heaps of Jap cars that don’t.

    The Autowatch 555CLAM has an output that can be used to turn the dome light on for 40 seconds on disarm which is another option if this is important to you.

    Your other option would be to build a timer circuit which activates from the unlock pulse and the ignition turning off if you want to get flash! This is what I ended up doing for the Obsessive Go-Kart.

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