Cobra 7777 Remote

New Zealand Product Range

New Zealand Product Range

The Cobra 7777 or 4T7777 as it is official titled is the remote control part number for Cobra’s older generation car alarms. I have noticed that I get a fair amount of traffic to the website from people searching for “Cobra 7777 alarm” so figured it would be helpful to write a blog entry to clarify that the 7777 is a Cobra remote and not an a alarm.

For a full list of Cobra remotes that are available in New Zealand visit the Cobra page of the Obsessive website.

Trouble Shooting

The battery in the 7777 remote is a CR2032. If upon changing the battery the remote fails to work then you should stand next to the car and hold down both remote buttons for around 10 seconds to reactivate it. The remotes LED will flicker rapidly during this process. Keep holding both buttons until the LED stops flickering then release both buttons. The LED should now be on constant, press the larger of the two buttons and the remote should now be re-synced.

Note: This procedure is not to program the remote to the alarm, but to re-synchronise it.

The 7777 works with the following Cobra alarms:

Cobra 7777 Remote

Cobra 7777 Remote

AB7928 (Thatcham Cat 1)

AK3198 (Thatcham Cat 2 to 1)

AK3193 (None Insurance Rated Alarm)

1046 (Keyless entry system)

Battery part # CR2032

Replacement cases available: Details here…

Cobra Remote Case

Replacement cases can be found here…

NOTE: If there are other Cobra Alarms that you know the 7777 works with then please leave a comment and I shall update the post.

The AB7928 and 1046 keyless entry system are still available in New Zealand. The AK3198 and AK3193 have been replaced by the AK4198.

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9 Responses to Cobra 7777 Remote

  1. malik says:

    how do you remote start using cobra 7777..

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Malik

    The alarms that operate from the Cobra 7777 remote are not designed for remote engine start. You would need to use another brand.

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  6. Lucas van den Hater says:


    I have trouble with one of my remote’s.
    I changed the battery’s of both remote’s and now my car don’t recognise one of this remote. The otherone is working.
    The led is not flikkering but if i push one of this buttons or both so a and b the led light is on. I have try everyting but nothing works. Can you please help me.

    Gr Lucas

  7. Julian Julian says:

    If you’ve tried everything mentioned in the post then I’d suggest getting the remote tested to see if it is still transmitting. I have a tool that does this as should most good installers.

  8. Jumaa says:

    I have tried to change battery while the is closed and now the alarm is staring. What I should do?

  9. Julian Julian says:

    Try pressing the disarm button on the remote!

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