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My guess is that you have arrived here because your alarm is going off, or your car won’t start and you think it is the alarm or immobiliser at fault!
1: Check your battery is good. If I have to explain why then it’s a minor miracle you’ve figured out how to use the internet!
2: Know how your alarm works, you can download most user manuals here: User Manuals
3: Have a look through the following posts.
4: Contact me for help if you are in Wellington.

No Start? Let’s blame the alarm!

Recently I took a 3 day weekend down in Nelson lakes to climb some mountains and play in the snow. Whilst I love my work, I value my playtime even more. Not everyone respects work hours so I normally turn … Continue reading

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Shock Sensors and False Alarms

Shock Sensors are beyond doubt the main culprit when it comes to false alarms. How many times have you got annoyed at a car alarm going off for no obvious reason? More to the point, have you ever gone out … Continue reading

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Car Door Switches

Car door switches are one of the most basic, yet often overlooked items on any car alarm system. They detected if the door is open or shut so are the first layer of protection for any security system. Even if … Continue reading

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Alarm won’t disarm!

There is never a good time for your alarm to fail, but this mornings job was one of the most classic… The phone rings, “My alarm won’t disarm!” My distressed customer is a courier driver and her van is illegally … Continue reading

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TX-90 & TX-90T remote controls

The original TX-90T remote was easy to identify due to it’s LED colour which was blue. It worked well but for some reason, Australian alarm manufactures Dynamco (Cyclops) have decided to dabble and change the LED to green. To make … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4698 Movement Sensor Deactivation

The following instruction explain how to disable the ultrasonic volumetric sensors and additional movement sensor on a Cobra AK4698 Note: The Additional movement sensor is an option and is to standard equipment. The Ultrasonic Volumetric Sensor protection must be disabled … Continue reading

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Cobra Alarm Fault Codes

If your alarm triggers you’ll probably want to know what has caused it to happen. This way it can be repaired if damage has occurred or be put right if there is an issue with a faulty sensor. All Cobra … Continue reading

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Autowatch PIN codes

If you need a replacement Autowatch remote then you’ll need to know your alarms over-ride pin number as Autowatch systems use it to prevent unauthorised remote cloning. The pin number will allow the car to start in the event of … Continue reading

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Autowatch diagnostic codes

Autowatch Alarm Issues? How to find out why your alarm has triggered: Most Autowatch alarms lack information about how to find alarm fault codes their user manuals. This makes troubleshooting very difficult for anyone other than an installer with access … Continue reading

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Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors often come as standard with car alarms in New Zealand. As the name suggests, they are designed to detect if a window has been smashed. Most are little more than a glorified microphone that detects high pitch … Continue reading

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