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An over-ride code allows you to disarm you alarm when the remote fails. It’s probably a good idea to know what your code is and how to use it.

Know how your alarm works

With the summer holidays fast approaching now seems the perfect time to refresh yourself on how your alarm works. This way you won’t get stuck if you lose your remote. Most alarms and immobilisers have either a over-ride PIN number, or … Continue reading

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Replacement Alarm Remote Controls

What is needed to get a replacement remote? First off you need to be in New Zealand. I’m happy to help those of you outside of Wellington, but do not offer international shipping. Next I need to know which make … Continue reading

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Cobra Alarm PIN Code Disarm

All of the current range of Cobra alarms feature an easy to enter over-ride PIN number to disarm the alarm in the even of a remote failure. The PIN code is 4 digits which can be custom programmed to a … Continue reading

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Dynatron Pin Code Over-Ride

What do you do when your Dynatron remote is lost, or the battery is flat? All Dynatron alarms/immobilisers come with a 4 digit security over-ride code. Here is a You-Tube video that shows you how to enter the code: For … Continue reading

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