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Mongoose M60 Remote confusion!

Getting a replacement remote control for a Mongoose alarm has always been confusing, but Mongoose seem intent on making things as difficult as possible! Today I got a call from a young lady with a Nissan Skyline who’s Mongoose M60 … Continue reading

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Another Mongoose M80 Remote

Mongoose have been making changes to the M80 remote again. First we had the Two Button M80 Remote, then in March 2009 came the Three Button M80 Remote with a Blue LED, and now we have the Three Button M80 … Continue reading

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How much control do Mongoose have over the NZSA?

Back in May I drove up to Auckland to attend a New Zealand Security Association meeting. My goal was was to question why we have a lack of installer standards and an out dated star rating system. At the meeting … Continue reading

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Time for the Star rating system to be reviewed?

Last month I reviewed the Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1) and pointed out just how easy it is to defeat. Given this the obvious question is: How on earth did it gain a NZSA 5 star rating? The key point … Continue reading

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Mongoose “TA” Toyota Alarm (CA1)

Mongoose have recently been making an effort to push their CA1 Toyota alarm. It is claimed that is now rated as a NZSA 5 star (I’ll get on to that later) and I dare say that they will be attempting … Continue reading

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5 Star Muppetry!

Let me bring the following quotation from the NZSA website to your attention: “If the alarm is sounding because it has detected an intrusion, a thief will try to silence the alarm by cutting the siren wires. Battery back-up sirens … Continue reading

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NZSA Star Rating System?

There have been some interesting developments over the past week. After all the talk about being upfront, honest and accountable, the NZSA seem to be doing the exact opposite! Autowatch and Dynatron have both had their range of alarms/immobilisers removed … Continue reading

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NZSA Standards……

So, time for the more telling parts from the NZSA meeting last Friday. First off it was great to put some faces to all the names. The good news is that Greg Watt’s (NZSA CEO) does appear to care and promised … Continue reading

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NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

Finally I have had confirmation that there will be a meeting for the Vehicle Security Group of the NZSA. True to his word, Greg Watts has invited me to attend and has offered a free lunch (as if there is … Continue reading

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Mongoose M25

You’re probably thinking what the hell has this got to do with the Mongoose M25 Immobiliser? Well that’s simple, it suffers from the same flaw! Unlike the Autowatch 573PPi or the Dynatron D2200 which both require the over-ride pin code to program a new transponder tag, the Mongoose M25 can have a new transponder tag coded to the system in a matter of seconds. This in my view is a major oversight! Continue reading

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