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Insurance companies and alarm approval

Are My Comments Inaccurate?

It would seem that I may have upset one or two people at the NZSA by sending out an email to all its members with a link to the Star Rating post. I felt that that members had a right to … Continue reading

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NZSA Star Rating System?

There have been some interesting developments over the past week. After all the talk about being upfront, honest and accountable, the NZSA seem to be doing the exact opposite! Autowatch and Dynatron have both had their range of alarms/immobilisers removed … Continue reading

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Installers! Who should you trust?

One of the main reasons for getting a vehicle security system is to satisfy your insurance company who normally require the system to be Star rated. Part of that Star rating is to have the system installed by an NZSA … Continue reading

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Most Stolen Cars

31% of cars stolen had security installed!

This does beg the question about what security was fitted and why it has not been effective?

It suggests that there are plenty of car thieves who are able to get past the basic security installed into these vehicles. Continue reading

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NZSA Installers

NZSA Star rated alarms and Immobilisers are only valid if installed by a NZSA installer. In other words if you have a 3 Star, 4 Star or 5 Star alarm installed by an individual who is not NZSA certified then … Continue reading

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