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Mongoose M25

You’re probably thinking what the hell has this got to do with the Mongoose M25 Immobiliser? Well that’s simple, it suffers from the same flaw! Unlike the Autowatch 573PPi or the Dynatron D2200 which both require the over-ride pin code to program a new transponder tag, the Mongoose M25 can have a new transponder tag coded to the system in a matter of seconds. This in my view is a major oversight! Continue reading

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Dynatron D2200

The Dynatron D2200 or Cyclops P205 is the second Transponder immobiliser to be reviewed here. Like the Autowatch 573PPi it is a dual circuit immobiliser but unlike the Autowatch it does not have the option of a third external cut. … Continue reading

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Autowatch 573PPi

The Autowatch 573PPi is the first of the Transponder Immobilisers to be reviewed here. The first thing worth mentioning is that the the only transponder Immobiliser available in New Zealand that actually has an attack proof security housing. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Criminals Defeating Immobilisers!

Here’s an interesting read about Immobilisers in Europe which was drawn to my attention by a blog readers email. (Thank you Rochelle) In short it states that after 16 years of Vehicle Theft declining in Germany the tide is now … Continue reading

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Transponder Immobilisers

Transponder Immobiliser systems are beyond any doubt the easiest security system to live with. There are no buttons to press and no batteries to go flat so they require no thought or action from the driver. They prevent the vehicle … Continue reading

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Mongoose Immobiliser

Following on from the other Immobiliser reviews it is now time to look at what Mongoose have to offer. The Immobiliser I am reviewing here is the top model known as the M80 Series, but the same security housing can … Continue reading

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Autowatch Immobiliser

Autowatch Immobilisers not only meet with AUS/NZ standards (OK that is hardly an achievement) but also meets with international standards such as VESA and Thatcham. What I find remarkable is that despite Autowatch being one of the big world players … Continue reading

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AVS Immobiliser

The AVS Series (S5, S4 and S3) along with the AVS A4 all share the same plastic case that contains the Immobiliser relays. For a  security system to be effective then it is vital to have an Immobiliser case that … Continue reading

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Cobra 8509 Immobiliser

The first thing you notice with the Cobra 8509 Immobiliser is it’s size, or should that be lack of size! It is tiny and certainly the smallest Immobiliser that I am aware of. This makes it an installers dream as … Continue reading

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Dynatron Immobiliser

All Dynatron models come with the same security housing so this post is relevant to the entire range of products which include the: 3 Series, 7 Series, 4 Series and D2200. How easy is it to Defeat? Like most Immobilisers … Continue reading

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