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You don’t need another bloody immobiliser!

Most modern cars already have an immobiliser with a transponder chip fitted into the head of the factory key. These are unobtrusive and super reliable, so adding an after market one on top of the factory system is both pointless … Continue reading

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Immobilising a Moving Vehicle. Not Cool!

I often get asked if it is possible to wire a GPS Tracker up to immobilise a vehicle whilst it is running. The answer is always a very firm No. The only safe thing to immobilise is the starter motor. … Continue reading

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Cobra Immobiliser Security Housing

There ¬†are three way to defeat an immobiliser. The first is to find the unit and follow the wires back to where they immobilise the vehicle. This is where a small well hidden, hard to access immobiliser with cables dressed … Continue reading

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AVS Product Testing!

It came to my attention last week that AVS have released a video demonstrating how effective the new “Armour Plate” is for their alarms. Any improvements AVS can make to their immobiliser security has to be a good thing as … Continue reading

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How effective is your Immobiliser?

An Immobiliser is the back bone of any good security, after all it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of immobilisers available, then click … Continue reading

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Cobra 8510 Immobiliser

The Cobra AC8510 seems to have been around for ever and although I must confess to not having read the bible from cover to cover, I would expect that Noah had one on his arc to stop his outboard motor … Continue reading

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Most Stolen Cars 2009-2012….

Here we go again…. All the lazy journos are posting stories based on the AA’s insurance statistics for stolen cars. What they all seem to have missed is that the AA are not exactly known for insuring high risk cars. … Continue reading

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Dynatron Attacked!!!

Some time ago I posted about what I do to make the security housing of the Dynatron Immobiliser more effective. Last week I finally got the chance to take on my own work! Upon installing the alarm I noticed that … Continue reading

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Autowatch 674Ri

The Autowatch 674Ri is a remote Immobiliser that comes with two¬†remote controls. Unlike many other systems sold in New Zealand it’s not a crude alarm system with the siren removed which can be a pain to live with and can … Continue reading

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Mongoose M25

You’re probably thinking what the hell has this got to do with the Mongoose M25 Immobiliser? Well that’s simple, it suffers from the same flaw! Unlike the Autowatch 573PPi or the Dynatron D2200 which both require the over-ride pin code to program a new transponder tag, the Mongoose M25 can have a new transponder tag coded to the system in a matter of seconds. This in my view is a major oversight! Continue reading

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