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Otherwise known as Cyclops in Australia, Dynatron is a popular name in vehicle security. Dynatron news and reviews…

Dynatron Pin Code Over-Ride

What do you do when your Dynatron remote is lost, or the battery is flat? All Dynatron alarms/immobilisers come with a 4 digit security over-ride code. Here is a You-Tube video that shows you how to enter the code: For … Continue reading

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NZSA Approved Dealers? LOL

AVS have recently Tweeted that;

“Star rated alarms are only valid if installed by an NZSA registered installer. If your installer is not registered your alarm has no rating!”

To True, however what I find amusing is that if you look at the list of AVS retailers on the AVS website many of those listed are not NZSA members! Continue reading

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Dynatron Immobiliser

All Dynatron models come with the same security housing so this post is relevant to the entire range of products which include the: 3 Series, 7 Series, 4 Series and D2200. How easy is it to Defeat? Like most Immobilisers … Continue reading

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Battery Back-Up Sirens

Battery Backup Sirens are a basic requirement for any 5 Star rated alarm. Being the part of the alarm that screams for your attention it is arguably the most important part of the alarm. I decided to put the major … Continue reading

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Dynatron TX-111 Remote Batteries

The TX-111 is the latest design remote for the Dynatron 3 Series (D3400, D3600 & D3800). The remote is powered by 2 CR2016 Coin shaped batteries. Typically I would expect the batteries to be good for around 3 however excessive usage may shorten this time. Continue reading

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Dynatron 4 Series, D4400, D4600, D4800

The 4 series has built in dual immobiliser for vehicles that do not come with a factory fitted transponder immobiliser, for most cars this won’t need to be fitted but for those without an immobiliser the 4 series will bring them up to standard. Continue reading

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Dynatron 3 Series, D3400, D3600, D3800

A reliable system which is easy to live, the new TX-111 remote is simple and rugged. However the siren on the D3800 lets the Dynatron down so I’d be looking at optoins from Cobra or Autowatch if I was considering a 5 star system Continue reading

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DYNATRON 7 SERIES, D7400, D7600, D7800

My pick of the Bunch has to be the D7600 which is due to it’s transponder remote is arguably the most practical 4 Star alarm available Continue reading

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