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Cobra Alarms are made in Italy and Cobra has been the market leader in Europe for the last 20 years. Cobra news and reviews…

Kia Sportage Upgrade Alarm

The current shape Kia Sportage was released as a 2016 model and comes with a very high level of equipment. It shares the same hands free proximity boot opening set up as the Hyundai Tucson where the the boot opens … Continue reading

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Cobra Alarm Fault Codes

If your alarm triggers you’ll probably want to know what has caused it to happen. This way it can be repaired if damage has occurred or be put right if there is an issue with a faulty sensor. All Cobra … Continue reading

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AK4615 Disabling Ultrasonic Sensors

The following instruction explain how to disable the ultrasonic sensors on a Cobra AK4615 and AK4625 Turn the ignition off Within 5 seconds press the emergency panel push button and keep it pressed until the LED flashes X times. It … Continue reading

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Charlatan Cobra Alarms in Australia!

If you live across the ditch (Yep I’m referring to you Australians) then you should be aware that Cobra is not officially available over there. Be warned the following website: I have spoken to Vodafone Automotive (Cobra) in Italy … Continue reading

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Cobra AK4698

The Cobra AK4698 is the replacement for the soon to be discontinued AK4198¬†which set the bench mark for Remote Upgrade Alarms back in 2008. It’s an alarm that I would rate as being the best by a significant margin, both … Continue reading

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Cobra AB3868

As with all other Cobra alarms the AB3868 has a siren which is shrill, loud and attention grabbing when set off, exactly the way any good car alarm should be. It can also be programed for what ever volume you desire for the arm and dis-arm chirps. Continue reading

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Hyundai Tucson Upgrade Alarm

The Hyundai Tucson, comes with a factory transponder immobiliser, alarm system and key-less entry. The Elite models also come with a proximity key and push to start button. The Alarm can easily be improved as the factory system only covers … Continue reading

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Ford Ranger upgrade alarm (Includes Mazda BT-50)

With the Ford Ranger outselling the Toyota Hilux it’s about time I covered what alarm options there are for it. Interestingly the 2015 Facelift model actually comes with a factory installed “Volumetric Alarm System”. In other words an alarm with … Continue reading

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New Window Stickers

It’s your car so I generally don’t slap stickers on without asking (I hate it when tyre shops do this to me and think it’s bloody rude and shameless advertising). However when it comes to security it could make a … Continue reading

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VW Scirocco Upgrade Alarm

When it comes to CAN-BUS alarms I really do love working on German cars. Today I installed a Cobra AK4615¬†into a Volkswagen Scirocco. My favourite part of the job handing the keys back to the customer and explaining just fool … Continue reading

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