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Not car audio!

About Autowatch

Autowatch alarms and immobilisers are designed and manufactured in South Africa by PFK Electronics who have been in business since 1985. In New Zealand they are distributed by Autowatch NZ 2010 Ltd who are based in Auckland. Autowatch have a selective … Continue reading

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How effective is your Immobiliser?

An Immobiliser is the back bone of any good security, after all it is the immobiliser that stops a scum bag driving off with your vehicle. To understand how they work and the different type of immobilisers available, then click … Continue reading

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The Devil is in the Details

As regular readers will know, I’m not shy about about being critical over some of the piss poor installs and crappy products I come across. What I’d rather talk about is positive stuff such as new product innovations and quality … Continue reading

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About Cobra

Update: April 2015 Cobra is now owned by Vodafone Automotive. Details can be found here: Vodafone Automotive is the new name for Cobra Click here for the official Vodafone Automotive Website Cobra is designed and manufactured in Italy. Founded in … Continue reading

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Magazine Security Feature Rejected!

Last week I received a phone call from a popular NZ car magazine asking me if I would be willing to give them some input into an car security feature they would be running in their next issue. I was … Continue reading

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Trailer Alarm

Whilst the bulk of my work tends to be on cars, vans and such like, my golden rule of thumb is that if it has a 12 volt power supply (or 24 volt) then I’m happy to install an alarm … Continue reading

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So why do Tower Insurance think you should have a car alarm?

This is the latest TV advert from Tower: Update: They have since deleted the video so you can no longer see it! It seems to suggest that they expect you to have a car alarm for an insurance payout, yet … Continue reading

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GT86 Alarm Installation

The Toyota GT86 is one of those cars that I’ve been itching to work on, so when I got the call from the local Toyota dealer before Xmas advising me I’d have one to work on in the new year … Continue reading

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Installers: Who do you recommend?

Good vehicle security installers are a rare breed and hard to find. I’m always getting asked if I can recommend someone outside of Wellington, to which I often point out that Wellington is slap bang in the centre of NZ … Continue reading

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Alarm Reviews (Not sponsored!)

It’s nearly 3 years since the review section of the blog went live. I’ve had some fantastic feedback over this time about how blunt, honest and useful the reviews have been. One of the main criteria I have is to be upfront … Continue reading

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