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AVS -Advanced Vehicle Security is an alarm brand imported by Manta Electronics based in Auckland, New Zealand. These pages contain AVS news and reviews.

AVS “5 Star” defeated in seconds.

Last week I posted a video of a Uniden “5 Star” alarm that I disarmed in seconds without using the remote as it was left on the default PIN code. Today I was asked to look at an AVS S5 … Continue reading

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Upgrade Alarm Muppetry!

It’s shocking how many Upgrade Alarms I’ve come across that have been installed incorrectly. Last Friday, for example, I came across a Mazda RX-8 with one of the new RhinoCo AVS A5 alarms. My customer wanted it replaced with a Cobra AK4615 … Continue reading

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AVS 100% Kiwi. Really?

According to a recent post on the AVS Facebook page, they claim that AVS is 100% Kiwi. In fact, this is a quote of their exact wording: “AVS Car Security – 100% Kiwi owned, 100% Kiwi brand, 100% Kiwi operated, … Continue reading

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AVS 3010

The AVS 3010 is the entry level alarm from AVS. It is a none “Star rated” system yet despite this I believe it to be the best alarm in their range. Seriously let me explain why! I’ll start off with … Continue reading

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Alarm Reviews (Not sponsored!)

It’s nearly 3 years since the review section of the blog went live. I’ve had some fantastic feedback over this time about how blunt, honest and useful the reviews have been. One of the main criteria I have is to be upfront … Continue reading

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NZSA Meeting… Friday 20th May!

Finally I have had confirmation that there will be a meeting for the Vehicle Security Group of the NZSA. True to his word, Greg Watts has invited me to attend and has offered a free lunch (as if there is … Continue reading

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NZSA Approved Dealers? LOL

AVS have recently Tweeted that;

“Star rated alarms are only valid if installed by an NZSA registered installer. If your installer is not registered your alarm has no rating!”

To True, however what I find amusing is that if you look at the list of AVS retailers on the AVS website many of those listed are not NZSA members! Continue reading

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What is with the Clip Art Cars?

Now I’ve never really been into my Bling, but I have noticed a recent trend from  some alarm suppliers to have a cartoon car with stupidly large wheels promoting their websites. AVS started the trend some time ago with what … Continue reading

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AVS Immobiliser

The AVS Series (S5, S4 and S3) along with the AVS A4 all share the same plastic case that contains the Immobiliser relays. For a  security system to be effective then it is vital to have an Immobiliser case that … Continue reading

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Battery Back-Up Sirens

Battery Backup Sirens are a basic requirement for any 5 Star rated alarm. Being the part of the alarm that screams for your attention it is arguably the most important part of the alarm. I decided to put the major … Continue reading

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