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Car alarm remote

All of the car alarm remote controls I sell can be found here: Alarm Remote Page

It lists which alarms they work with along with what batteries each remote takes. There’s even a list of remote controls I don’t sell to help you.

Your guide to getting a replacement remote

How vulnerable is your remote to cloning?

Viper Replacement Remote Controls

If you are after a replacement remote for your Viper alarm then I will need to know the Remote Part Number (RPN).  Viper has produced a huge number of remote controls over the years and many look alike. You’ll need … Continue reading

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Autowatch remote batteries

How to change the batteries in your Autowatch peanut remote The Autowatch 225000 (AKA peanut remote) takes 2 CR1220 coin type batteries. These last for about 3 years with normal use. The back of the case will have either N4086, 225-000, or … Continue reading

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Know how your alarm works

Don’t wait until your alarm fails! There is never a good time for your alarm remote to fail. If you don’t change the remote batteries then it’s only a matter of time before it will eventually happen. It’s also quite … Continue reading

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Ultra Start 450 remote

Recently I’ve had a number of SS450 remote controls fail. Whilst Steal Shield have replaced them all under warranty it has still been a pain for both for my customers and myself. I’m not sure if it was simply a … Continue reading

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Cobra 3 button remote now available.

I’ve finally got my hands on a Cobra 3 button remote today and am pleased to say that it works with the AK4698. as well as the (now discontinued) AK4147 which I have on the Honda Beat. The AKG198 and … Continue reading

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Mazda 3 Keyless Entry Remotes

Today I installed a KE11 (Keyless Entry System) into a 2010 Mazda 3 (Axela). The KE11 remote controls share the same case (not internals) as some other Mazda cars so look the part. They are also (in my opinion) the … Continue reading

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Cobra Toyota Remote

Do you own a Toyota? Then you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to Cobra alarms and the little details that make them the best choice for your security requirements. Upgrade alarms These work using the existing Toyota … Continue reading

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Mystery car thefts (USA)

Had this video sent to me this morning so thought I’d share it (thanks Nick). Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Anyone remember my remote cloning post back in October 2010? Whilst I’m not … Continue reading

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Replacement Alarm Remote Controls

What is needed to get a replacement remote? First off you need to be in New Zealand. I’m happy to help those of you outside of Wellington, but do not offer international shipping. Next, I need to know which make … Continue reading

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Mongoose now offer 12 Months Warranty on Remote Controls!

Back in March, I wrote an email to Mongoose asking them why they only offered 6 months warranty on their replacement remote controls. The email that came back from Andrew Harley (Mongoose sales manager). It was disappointing and I pointed out … Continue reading

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