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I often get asked if I install car audio, to which I say no (apart from my own that is!) as I’m busy enough with the security side of things that I don’t have to. This is normally followed up by “who can you recommend?”

To tell the truth it is a tough call. Most car audio shops claim to have 30 or so years of experience yet have staff who look like they would struggle to manage to grow any more that hint of bum fluff during the entire month of Movember! Whilst I don’t really know how good or bad most car audio installers are, I am aware of the quality of the local security installations, on that alone I have very little faith in most..

30 years of experience my arse! It just does not add up!

The problem with car audio is that it attracts young boys who see it as a glamor job with the benefit of getting a cheap soundz into their own cars. They are then retarded enough to put a pioneer sticker (or what ever other brand they may have) in the back window to advertise that they have a sound system worth pinching!

So this got me thinking about who in Wellington I would actually trust. The mad thing is that the 1st person who comes to my mind is invisible on Google. He has no website (or even one of those old fashioned soon to be extinct Yellow pages adverts) so given this I felt I’d give him a free plug on the blog:


Aardvark Audio

Mobile Installation Wellington Region

Tel: 0274 530 529

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  2. Avatar wang says:

    Speaking of the stupidity of slapping a sticker to advertise to thieves, i saw a neighbours car whom had xplod stickers that stuck out like dogs balls on his/her rear quarter windscreen. 2inch up looked what appears to be a hole where a brick flew through.

    Do people really think stickers give extra oomph.

    My car has no ICE, just a cheap sony H/U, not even MP3 capable, but has stupid streetsounds stickers, least to say i went at it with a razor blade and scraped that crap off.

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