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I’ve lost count count of how many times I’ve played the “What does your remote look like” game over the phone.

It normally starts with “Errrmmmmm, it’s small, black and has two buttons.”


It’s a great test of your descriptive skills, but more often then not the poor sod on the other end of the phone who can’t get their car started fails to narrow it down, let alone identify which make and model.

This is why I set up the remote page on the Website. It has made things much easier. However it could be better as it only covers the remotes that I have direct access to.

Your Remote Photos Please

I’ve decided that it would be a good idea to set up a page dedicated to remotes that I don’t have access to. For example Uniden won’t give me an account and god only knows how many requests I get for replacements. It’s either head down to Repco and find they don’t have any in stock, or simply remove or replace the alarm system!

I even had a Toyota Dealership call me this week and after getting a photo I informed them that the remote was a Toyota one 😳
Better still is that they had it in stock!

Anyway, it’s my goal to set up a page of other remote controls with info about what they are, along and from whom replacements are available. Any photos would be most welcome, even the obsolete or wacky ones!

Please send to:

Please include the basic details or feel welcome to picture text them to:



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