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Good Service?

Some car alarm remote controls can be a pain to get hold of. Especially when the importer offers no aftersales support.

I also get frustrated when no support is offered by those who sell them!

I always make sure that any customer purchasing a remote will be able to code it to the alarm before taking their cash

Sadly not everyone thinks this way. I get heaps of phone calls from people who have purchased remote controls elsewhere that don’t work! They then want free technical support because the re-seller does not know how the system works.

So what happens when you need a replacement remote?

Where do you look if you don’t know what make and model you have?

I know it’s a problem so I’ve made an effort to be helpful. There is a page on my website where you can quickly look through the photos, then click on the remote you are after. It has drop-down text below each remote with some details.

Remote details include battery and supplier

I’ve got one-page listing remote controls I stock which makes things super easy.

Then there’s the second-page listing remote controls I don’t stock. OK, it may not help you but at least you can identify what is. You can then go to the importer and ask them why they suck!

Some companies really should offer better customer service. Here are some which I’ve listed below!

Dynatron NZ

As of 2012 Dynatron NZ stopped selling and re-branding Dynamco alarms. They also stopped selling replacement remote controls. Not great if you needed a replacement hey!

I’ve sold heaps of these over the years so felt I needed to offer replacement parts to my customers.

I decided to source some from Australia to help keep some of these old systems going. I’ve got remote controls and replacement cases available for the main systems that they sold.

What about the new Dynatron Digital alarms?

Well first off I’ve not been impressed with what I’ve seen. I’ve not sold any so do not offer any support.

But let us entertain the idea that you have one of these! Sure, most of the new range is CAN-BUS so works with the factory vehicle remote, but they do sell an alarm with remote controls. The problem is they don’t list it on their website so good luck if you have one of these!

Mongoose Remotes

Mongoose is not a brand I have any love for, but I do stock some of their remote controls.

Because they have sold heaps in the past there is a demand for them and stocking them is simply the right thing to do.

But they don’t always support the junk they sell!

Let look at the awful Mongoose M30. It was still being sold in 2015, yet as of 2016 you could no longer purchase a replacement remote for the M30! Piss poor customer service again form “The name you can trust”!

Other brands:

Uniden, Meridian, Fusion, etc…

I’m going to point out that all these companies have sold alarms in the past, yet not one of them mentions remote controls on their websites. More terrible customer service.

The TF Group offer no support for the crap Meridian alarms that they sold!

Does this mean you throw your alarm out the remote is lost? More e-waste that we don’t need?

The Wrong Remote Batteries!

The number of remote controls I come across with the wrong batteries inside is shocking. I’ve seen a big spate of Cyclops/Dynatron remote controls recently with the wrong batteries fitted. Incredibly I’ve been told that some have been supplied this way!

Most should have two CR2016 coin batteries which supply the remote with 6 volts. Yet I know of a local Auto electrician who has been selling them with a single CR2032 which is only 3 volts! Remarkably the remotes still work for a short time but are less reliable…

Anyway, the website now shows what batteries each remote should take.


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  1. Avatar Sam says:

    Wich alarm would you recommend . I want one thats sensitive as if the wheels were being touched and also something with a back up battery . Thanks !

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