Budgeriguard M5

Shit 5 Star Car Alarm

It really makes me want to vomit when I see how many companies have continued to run with the “Shit 5 Star Car Alarm” spin, even though the safety bubble that was the NZSA has been well and truly burst!

So with Mongoose, Dynatron, AVS etc still claiming their alarms are Star rated and insurance approved, it would seem that little has changed. Over 50% of the websites I’ve looked at still use the NZSA logo or claim to be members. So much for keeping your website up to date or being honest to your potential customer’s guys!

Speaking of the NZSA, the lazy tossers have not exactly been proactive. Apart from breaking the “Vehicle” link from the home page, no other action seems to have taken place. They have not removed any of the Star rating content from their website. I’ll be writing a sarcastic email to the useless pricks very soon! Yes, I miss my emails to Greg Watts and Co ­čÖé

Anyway, with no official Star rating system, it seems that it’s a free for all. Apparently, it’s fine to make up your own version and claim whatever you like! This is where the Budgeriguard comes in:

The Budgeriguard M5 “Shit 5 Star Car Alarm”

Available from your local pet shop, the M5 will sound an alarm if your car door is opened or the window is smashed. The Budgeriguard is so advanced that it will continue to sound even if the battery of the vehicle is disconnected.

Crap 5 Star Car Alarm

The latest “5 Star Car Alarm”

The M5 is an easy to install upgrade alarm, simply get some string and tie its leg to the back of the headrest to prevent it flying away. It really is that simple!

The Budgeriguard is probably just as effective as other questionable “5 Star Car Alarms” such as the Mongoose TA alarm.

Sure it is a crap vehicle security system, but it’s not alone!


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