Booking your car in is easy.

Julian - Vehicle Security Installer


Your Vehicle Security Installer

My goal is to make booking your car in for a job as easy as possible.

Once you’ve decided on which system, service or remote you need, we just need to arrange a time.

Either give me a call during work hours (See below) or fill in the contact form.

If you’re not sure what system is most suitable then I’m here to help you.

Wellington only dedicated Vehicle Security Installer

I’m mobile and cover the whole Wellington region so can travel out to your home or place of work.


Not a safe working environment!

All I ask is that the vehicle is in a safe location to work on (not on the roadside for example) and that there is cover if it is a wet day.

Do you work in Wellington CBD?

Where is Obsessive Vehicle Security Located?

Find me on Google Maps

If so then parking can often be a problem, plus working in a dingy car park is not really ideal!

The easy way around this is to drop your vehicle off with me in Paraparaumu.

I’ll happily give you a lift to the train station and collect you when you return.

I don’t charge any extra for this service plus it’s nice to be able to work from home some days ­čÖé

What hours do I work?

Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, although I can be flexible if you need to drop a car off earlier. (Please respect my work hours and do not call outside of these times)


Not if I can help it, playtime and relaxation are important for a healthy balance. However, I may make the odd exception if need be.

Contact me here…

About Julian

Owner and Installer at Obsessive Vehicle Security Limited. More details here... Please keep Comments relevant to the post and use the Contact form for enquiry's
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