BMW 3 Series (F30) Alarm Install

There are some jobs that I really get a kick out of doing. Last week I had a 2015 BMW 3 series (F30) to install an alarm into, and whilst I always aim to get things as close to perfection as I can, this install was a particularly pleasing installation to complete.

When it comes to CAN-BUS alarms the features available vary massively between vehicle makes and models. Generally most Japanese cars tend to have fairly basic systems with limited options, where as some of the German cars are packed with features that simply need to be praised.

F90 3 Series in for a Cobra CAN-BUS alarm

F30 3 Series in for a Cobra CAN-BUS alarm

Take the 3 series for example. If a Window is left open then the alarm will warn the driver with an extra chirp of the siren and turn the ultrasonics off to avoid a false alarm. The factory remote also opens and closes the windows with an extended press (something my customer was not aware of before I showed him and was stoked to find out) so it’s super easy to close the windows after the alarm warns you they are still open.

Speaking of ultrasonics the 3 series has a factory option alarm (most NZ 3 Series do not have one as standard) so there is already a location for them to go. I decided to see if I could get them into the stock locations.

Ultrasonic installation

BMW Ultrasonic installation

They fitted without much hassle and look like this when in the car:

Ultrasonics in factory location looking super clean.

Ultrasonics in factory location looking super clean.

My CAN-BUS alarm of choice is the Cobra AK4615 and with the ultrasonics hidden the only visible sign that I’d been in the car was the Cobra LED. Everything else gets hidden and is as close to a factory system as you can get. There is a factory bonnet switch that gets detected by the CAN-BUS too.

I believe that factory option is over $2,000.00 so the AK4615 is a real bargain at $700.00 installed.


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3 Responses to BMW 3 Series (F30) Alarm Install

  1. Nigel says:

    Fantastic job Julian

    Thanks again!

  2. David Lutz says:

    This may be a dumb question but can it control the door locks? I don’t have comfort access and wanted to add a Bluetooth PKE (Passive Keyless Entry) system to my 2013 F30 and no one says they support the F30.

  3. Julian Julian says:

    Hi David,

    The Cobra AK4615 is a CAN-BUS upgrade alarm that works with the existing factory remote. The O/E remote takes care of the door locks.

    Can’t say I’ve had a play with the central locking on the F30 and would need to do some tests on the car to see if it is possible. The Bluetooth PKE is not a system we have available here in NZ as yet.

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