AVS Product Range

AVS Product Range

The AVS S Series/RhinoCo RAV3 has been around for a number years now. During that time many changes have been made to the alarm such as new remote designs and extra features. The most recent significant update happened in April 2009 when the S Series was updated to include a Courier function and have built in OEM/MAP so that it can function from a factory remote, the previous model required the extra OEM Module.

In other words the S Series is now capable of working with either the supplied AVS remote controls or the cars factory remote without having to order or pay for additional parts.

Waterproof Remote

Whilst the current Waterproof AVS remote is a  nice improvement over the old torch remote I still have some concerns over the build quality.

AVS remote

I have lost count of how many I’ve seen with damaged cases where the flimsy key ring loop has snapped off or worse still, I have had to charge for a needless call out where the remote has fallen off the keyring and been lost leaving the owner stranded.

The Waterproof remote has 4 buttons which are all clearly labelled, the main one being the Lock/Unlock button to go along with boot release, Panic and the rare garage door open button. Personally I would have like to have seen a separate lock and unlock button for ease of use and have to scratch my head why this was overlooked!

Remote Cloning

More concerning then the flimsy remote shell is how vulnerable the remote is to cloning. Programming of new remote controls really should be pin code protected!

Details here: http://vehiclesecurity.co.nz/blog/can-your-remote-be-copied





AVS S3 (AVS “3 Star”) Immobiliser

AVS S4 (AVS “4 Star”) Alarm/Immobiliser with shock sensor

AVS S5 (AVS “5 Star”) Alarm/Immobiliser with Glass break & Shock sensor

Vulnerable Data Siren

According to AVS the Data Battery Back-up siren found on the S4, S5 & A4 is more advanced that of most other Battery Back-up sirens. AVS correctly point out that “it can not be fooled into turning of like normal battery back-up sirens.” This may well be true but the AVS Data siren should not be confused with the Digital Battery Back-up sirens found with Autowatch and Cobra which can be hidden. The Data Siren still comes with an over-ride key so needs to be accessible. If the siren is accessible then it is still vulnerable to an attack and can easily be muted, smashed, ripped-out or drowned. It’s worth noting that the siren is not waterproof and even has a sticker on it advising that it should not be exposed to water.

Flimsy siren bracket

AVS Siren

The plastic part of the siren that attaches it to the mounting bracket is made of thin brittle plastic that is easy to snap off with one hand, the cables also snap with ease, so the reality is that the AVS data siren is childes play to defeat.

More details about Siren Muppetry here…

Hyper Blue LED

Come on AVS. It’s just a normal blue LED, lay off the Hype please!

Piss Poor Immobiliser Security

The S Series does not have a security housing to protect the immobiliser circuit which in my opinion is it’s weakest spot: Read the AVS Immobiliser post for details.

None Muppet Proof! * Older models only *

Call me a cynic but I am firm believer of the saying “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong”. Even AVS seem to acknowledge that the S Series has an Achilles heel. Here’s the Link to the AVS Trouble Shooting guide if you are having issues.

What are the issues?

Simply put, the S Series can be put into program mode by mistake **NOTE: This has now been fixed (As I pointed out in the comments section last year) so only applies to old models. Thanks to Brad at AVS for bring this to my attention** if the user goes to disarm the immobiliser with the ignition on and presses the boot pop button instead of the disarm button, the result maybe that the arm/disarm chirps are activated/deactivated, or the remote starts doing strange things such as arming from the wrong button!

My advise is be sure that the immobiliser is off before turning the ignition on otherwise it is only a matter of time before you experience this first hand.


AVS Waterproof Remote

AVS Waterproof Remote

AVS S Series RRP:

AVS S3 $449.00

AVS S4 $549.00

AVS S5 $649.00

Obsessive Rating: Would be great if only the alarm was a strong as the sales spin!

At the risk of sounding crass: A wise man one said you can’t polish a turd. However AVS are skilled in the dark art of marketing. What they have done with the Rinoco RAV3  is to re-brand it and put sprinkles on top. I’ve got to give credit to AVS for the number of these alarms they manage to sell!



  • Triple Immobiliser
  • Two 4 Button Waterproof Remotes
  • Hyper Blue LED
  • Built in Central Locking Relays
  • Shock Sensor (Not active with S3)
  • Data Back-up  Siren (Not S3)


  • Built in Turbo Timer
  • Built in Courier Function
  • Built in OEM (to work from factory remote)
  • Remote Boot Pop

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37 Responses to AVS S5, AVS S4, AVS S3

  1. James says:

    Does anybody have a copy of AVS S5 wiring diagram ? Can’t install it myself as I got one without the wiring diagram.

  2. Julian says:

    Wiring diagrams are available from the dealer login section of the AVS website.

    I would suggest that you contact the person who sold it to you!

    Better still get it installed by someone who knows what they are doing…

  3. James says:

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for the reply. Got it cheap off a store that closed down recently so there’s no one to go back to. I’m an electrician and have installed multiple mongoose alarms on my family cars. Any other ideas ?

  4. Julian says:

    Have you tried contacting AVS directly?

  5. James says:

    AVS wanted me to send it directly to them to get it installed. Another suggestion is to get an authorised installer to fix it up 🙁

  6. Jen says:


    I have an Altezza and Im considering getting an AVS S5, would you recommend this alarm for my car or would another alarm be better? Im a noob with cars and dont know much about alarms so am just wandering. =)

  7. Julian says:

    Hi Jen,

    Personally I’d be looking at either the Autowatch 446RLi Premium or The Cobra AB7928 or AK4138. They all have an attack proof immobiliser case, sirens that can be hidden and remote controls that are protected by a pin number from cloning.

    The following are worth reading:

    The most important factor is how good the installation is. Don’t assume that because someone is a NZSA approved installer that they are competent.

  8. Jen says:

    Hi Julian,

    Thanks for your help. Im interested in getting the Autowatch 446RLi Premium now, as it seems like the best one. Are there any installers that you would recommend in Auckland?

  9. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jen,

    Give Kishor at Autowatch a call, 0800 4 AUTOWATCH
    He is based in Auckland and mobile plus very capable.


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  14. ALF says:

    I know this is an old post, but hoping someone will be able to provide some advice.
    I’ve just got installed by one of the AVS recommended installers the AVS S5 in my car (don’t really want to put make and model here given next sentence). They’ve said because of the way my car is wired, that there is a loophole allowing the whole thing to be disarmed (I won’t post how here to aid thieves!). Does this sound right to you? They offered to install an extra “something” from AVS to prevent this, but apparently the computers wouldn’t talk and so there is no way to fix it. Essentially I’ve paid for a 5 star alarm that is null and void to smart thieves. Feel free to private message me if you need more details.

  15. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Alf,

    Why on earth did you get an AVS? Oh well, it’s done now. From what you’ve said I’m guessing that you can disarm the alarm without the remote?

    Have a read up here:

    Feel welcome to email me the details: julian@vehiclesecurity.co.nz

  16. Kon says:

    Hi there I have an avs alarm in my mr2 I bought the car with it already installed…it’s been fine apart from the usual remote key ring peice breaking off… And no bleeping for arming/disarming..
    Unfortunately I’m unsure of what model it is, I have been having trouble with it latley but I’m unsure if it’s me wiring up a new stereo into the car and I may have knocked or stripped at wire…I have a siren unit in the engine bay and it has had water on it I’m quessing that could be why it’s playing up…I have the key for the siren on/off slot but it does nothing…can it be removed and cleaned out or is it safe to assume it’s buggered… Also the door locks have played up for the first time locking but not unlocking… And now as I start the car the led blinks once and then turns off…(but the cars starts) any idea why it be doing that?I’ve located the brain and backup siren under the dash but it’s in there quite tightly so not too keen on removing it…. Is it possible to reset the alarm at all?…if not how can i disable it?
    Any help would me muchly appreciated

  17. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Kon,

    My advice would be to remove or replace the alarm, it sounds like it’s seen better days and as it’s an AVS it’s probably a waste of cash trying to fix it up.
    There is not much more I can say without seeing the car myself. If you are in Wellington then let me know, if not you may want to find a local installer to help.


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