AVS S3, S4, S5 & A4 Pin Code Over-ride

AVS Product Range

AVS Product Range

One thing which I forgot to mention about the updates AVS have introduced to the A4 and the S series is that they no longer come with the same default pin code over-ride. Each individual unit now comes with its own unique pre-set 5 digit number which has got to be a good thing.

The old code, if not changed was always a security risk as the alarm and immobiliser can be disarmed using the over-ride code.

Whilst AVS instructions tell the installer to change the Default code this is often something which gets over looked. I have come across heaps of old units still on the old default code due to the installer being to lazy to change it!

I’m not going to mention what the default code is in this blog but do suggest that if you own a pre April 2009 A4, S3, S4 or S5 then you should be aware of what your code is and if need be change it. If you have any doubts then feel welcome to private messege me about how to do this or contact AVS directly. I have found that over 50% of the AVS alarms I have tested are at risk to being disarmed this way as the code has not been changed so be warned!

AVS have now addressed this issue so thumbs up to them.


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