AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm update….

AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm

AVS Product Range

In November last year, I reviewed the AVS C5 CAN-BUS alarm and expressed my concerns about how poor their so-called digital battery back-up siren was.

I contacted AVS to ask them if the siren really was digital as claimed, or more of the usual misleading bullshit that so many in the industry seem to live off.

Here is the Tweet along with my follow up:

AVS C5 CANBUS alarm?

Tweet to AVS

I felt it was only right to give AVS some time to do some testing. Sadly they have failed to get back to me.

Having checked their Twitter page today so I could make a nuisance of myself again I found that they have deleted their account:

AVS Twitter page

Losers! Sadly I see that the C series alarm is still listed on their website!

Remember this alarm is to be avoided like the plague.

If you work for AVS then please have the balls to front up. Your customers deserve a response even if I don’t!



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