AVS Product Range

AVS Product Range

Following on from the S series the AVS A4 has also had a recent update.

The A4 now has built in Courier function and built in OEM/MAP which means that it has the potential to work from the factory keyless entry or the remotes provided.

The A4 was the first model in the AVS range to feature the waterproof remote which is the same remote as found with the current S Series.

The main point of difference between the A4 and the S Series is that the A4 has dual Immobilisation where as the S Series has three. The A4 is also laking the built in Shock sensor found with the S4 and S5.




Immobiliser Security Housing?

Well, the AVS does not really have one, this in my opinion is it biggest weakness with the AVS A4. For more details read the AVS Immobiliser post.

Data Battery Back -Up Siren

Whilst the Siren is Battery Back-up (NZSA 4 star requirements only need a standard siren) it really does not offer any added protection due to its need to be accessible to access the over-ride key switch.


AVS Waterproof Remote

AVS Waterproof Remote


AVS A4 (With no Sensors) $425.00

AVS A4 (With shock Sensor) 449.00

AVS A4 (With Glass Break) $549.00

AVS A4 (With Microwave) $549.00

AVS A4 (With Ultrasonics) $549.00

Obsessive Rating: Let down by lack of Immobiliser security housing!

The Autowatch 446RiS or RiSGS would probably be a better option!



  • Dual Immobiliser
  • Two 4 Button Waterproof Remotes
  • Blue LED
  • Built in Central Locking Relays
  • Pick of optional sensors
  • Data Back-up Siren


  • Built in Turbo Timer
  • Built in Courier Function
  • Built in OEM (to work from factory remote)
  • Remote Boot Pop

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7 Responses to AVS A4

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  3. Steve says:

    I have installed my AVS A4 alarm except for the siren. It has a data siren and I can’t find the wiring instructions for this in my installation manual. It has a red, black white, brown and green wire. I assume that red is + and black is – I know one is the bonnet switch, which leaves one for the siren wire and one left over for I don’t know what. Can you tell me which is which?



  4. Julian says:

    Hi Steve,

    All wiring diagrams are available on the dealer login section of the AVS website. This is confidential to AVS dealers. Rather then risk breaching my agreement with AVS I suggest that you contact them directly.

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  6. Regan says:

    Would the new AVS A5 alarm be a better purchase than the Dynatron 3600. The difference in cost is only $60 from the same dealer here in Auckland. But it is worth it?

  7. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Regan,

    The “New” AVS A5 is simply the AVS A4 with an added glass break sensor. Like all other AVS alarms, it has a bulky immobiliser case that is easy to flip open and by-pass and a siren that can not be hidden. Has your Auckland dealer made you aware of this? If not, why not?

    Personally I’d say that the Dynatron is the better option out of the pair however I’d suggest that you take a look at Cobra or Autowatch if you are looking for some decent protection.

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