AVS “5 Star” defeated in seconds.

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Last week I posted a video of a Uniden “5 Star” alarm that I disarmed in seconds without using the remote as it was left on the default PIN code.

Today I was asked to look at an AVS S5 “5 Star” alarm in a Subaru Forester. The customer asked me what he should do if his remote failed so I said watch this! (Note that the video is edited as I don’t want to make a “how-to” video, but it’s common knowledge)

His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw how useless his security system actually was.

AVS 5 Star fail

Now I’m going to point out that AVS has actually updated their alarms so the new ones are not on the old default over-ride number, but there are still a huge number of the old systems floating around!

Not that his AVS S5 would have taken me long to defeat if the over-ride number was not on the default.

Awful Vehicle Security

Remind me why “5 Star” battery backup sirens are effective as I’ve forgotten!

The siren was sitting there waiting to be smashed and silenced and then the Immobiliser was a sitting duck!

Awful Vehicle Security Installation

Another poor quality AVS alarm installation

So this would just leave me to flip open the highly vulnerable AVS Immobiliser and start the car!

If you have an older AVS alarm system then my advise is to make sure it is not on the Default over-ride. If you care about your car then make sure you can’t find the immobiliser.

Remove Your Window Stickers

Take your AVS, Mongoose, Dynatron, Uniden stickers off your car. Trust me when I say that advertising that you have a “5 Star” alarm with all their known weaknesses makes your car a soft target. Hell if I was a car thief then I’d have a crack!

Don’t kid yourself that having a “5 Star” insurance rated alarm will actually protect your car. Even if NAC insurance suggest that having one it will make your car like Fort Knox, or NZ performance car magazine suggest that it is a good idea, as my experience suggests otherwise!

When will AVS actually make an immobiliser security case that can’t be opened in seconds? I really do wish their products were as effective as all the marketing hype that surrounds them!

I’m going to start asking who actually tests these alarm because as far as I’m concerned it’s simply not good enough! When will the insurance companies wake to the “5 Star” bubble?



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10 Responses to AVS “5 Star” defeated in seconds.

  1. Avatar Rick says:

    I see a pattern here. You could start a reality TV series called “Defeated in seconds” with a new alarm every week. You’ve already got two episodes under your belt and it looks like there’s plenty more where that came from. ­čÖé

    And, yeah, who the hell issues these alarm certifications and what tests do they do? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there was no 3rd party testing at all and it’s just a marketing thing. Until someone proves otherwise I’m going with that theory. I’m not aware of any entity like Thatcham in NZ.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Haha, I’ve got 3 more videos posted on the Upgrade alarm muppetry post, all taken this year.

    The AVS S Series of alarms is now on its forth generation. I’d be really keen to see all 4 test certificates as you could argue that they are 4 different alarms. I have the suspicion that the model name is kept the same to avoid having a new test done.

    Mongoose have done exactly the same thing with the M60 and M80. I tried to question the NZSA about this in the past but it got swept under the carpet.

    Interestingly Thatcham test certificates are published and are only valid for two years. I assume that this is done to stop products getting changed on the sly and to make sure the standards are up to date.

  3. Avatar David says:

    Hi Julian,

    I watched the video when it was first posted but I noticed it is now made private. If you prefer not to discuss this in public would you be kind enough to email me the instructions again? I have a AVS S5 alarm fitted by the previous owner and didn’t get a chance to test if this was the case on mine as I’m pretty sure it isn’t a “recent” unit.


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi David,

    The Video should still be public but I’m happy to help just the same.

    AVS is re-branded RhinoCo (although AVS claim other wise). Regardless of who is right or wrong RhinoCo have the information you need to change your Pin number on their website.

    Check out page 11 of this link:

    It explains how to set a new PIN number which I recommend all AVS owners who have older systems should do.

    I’m sure AVS will accuse me of helping car thieves again, but I’m not here to make AVS look good or to suck up to them. I’d rather just be honest.

    Hope this helps ­čÖé

  5. Avatar Pablo says:

    This is dumb. Has a skip in video. Yeah they key can be used as a pin to disable it of your remote died. Fucking shove that thumb up your ass. Get a brain

  6. Julian Julian says:

    I think you may have missed the point there Pablo. Having a default over-ride pin number which is the same for every alarm is not exactly good security.
    I also suggest improving your grammar and people skills before calling other people dumb!

  7. Avatar amc says:

    so you are saying that they will get in your car and have a key to deactivate the alarmwith in seconds(which i have one of these and prevented my car being stolen 3 times now i might add) and also when PROFESSIONALLY installed you have to rip half the dash to bits to get to main alarm box, then it take 3 to 4 min to get base out in which time your screwed, stop making things up n think in reality
    your seconds to immobilize is crap as you had a key…thieves dont unless you gave them one

  8. Julian Julian says:


    Rather than respond to this I suggest you read the post once more!

    I wish you love. Surely there must be better things to do on new years day then getting angry with your keyboard. Personally, I climbed Mount Taranaki to see the sunrise over this great little island we call home. It’s much more rewarding than looking at a screen.

    Happy new year!

  9. Avatar TJAH POMARE says:

    hey bro.. can you email me about this.. I have a avs s5 and I changed my battery over now my alarms playing up.. email address tjah4ever@gmail.com

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