AVS 3010

AVS Product Range

AVS Product Range

The AVS 3010 is the entry level alarm from AVS. It is a none “Star rated” system yet despite this I believe it to be the best alarm in their range.

Seriously let me explain why!

I’ll start off with the siren, it does not have an over-ride key so can be hidden. I’ve said before that I’d have a basic none battery back-up siren over a battery back-up siren with an over-ride key any time as I won’t buy into the marketing spin about these systems offering more protection.

Another broken AVS alarm remote!

The amusing thing here is that the AVS 3010+ comes with a battery back-up siren (with over-ride key) and costs more money!

I’m sure that most car thieves would simply snap the flimsy siren bracket then drop the siren into a bucket of water! This begs the question why would anyone pay more money for an AVS 3010+?

avs car alarm remote

Better Remote Controls

The remote controls have the same case as all the other AVS alarms so still break where the key ring attaches, but the 3010 has separate lock and unlock button which makes it far more user friendly.

Remote Security

The remote controls on the 3010 require the pin number for coding. OK there are limited code options (5-15) but this is still less vulnerable to remote cloning then the AVS A4 or S Series.

Dual Immobiliser

The 3010 has two immobiliser cuts which are active when the alarm is armed. Whilst there is no attack proof security housing for the immobiliser it still offers a similar level of protection as the AVS A4 an S Series, neither of which can really claim to have an attack proof housing!

The thing I like most about the 3010 is that you know what you are getting and it is not hiding behind a Star rating system that misleads you into thinking it is effective.


Also available as an AVS 3010+ which has a battery back-up siren and vibration sensor!

Obsessive Rating: The best AVS have to offer?

The term “Less is more” seems very apt for this one. But still not as good as a Viper 3010!



  • Dual Immobiliser
  • Two 4 Button Waterproof Remotes
  • Remote Boot Pop
  • Blue LED
  • Built in Central Locking Relays

Additional Information:

PDF iconAVS 3010 (current 4 button remote version) User Manual

PDF iconAVS 3010 (old two button remote version) User Manual


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24 Responses to AVS 3010

  1. Abi says:


    Could you please send me a quote for AVS 3010 or decent car alarm with remote key, reverse camera (screen already installed), and parking sensors.

    Car: Suzuki Swift 2007 Auto import.

    Thank you

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Abi,

    Please use the Contact form and I’ll be able to send you the most suitable options for your swift. The Swift came with factory remote locking which means an OEM upgrade alarm would be able to work from the original remote key if you still have it.

    I only deal with car security systems so can’t help with cameras or parking sensors.


  3. Jesse Walls says:

    Hi jim

    Any chance you have a wire diragram? Im trying to fit tge boot unlock solinoid but noone has told me where to plug/slice it in

    I have the 3010+


  4. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Jesse,

    I don’t publish wiring diagrams or offer technical support on systems that I have not supplied. Contact AVS for assistance.

    Cheers Julian

    P.S. Jim?

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