AVS 100% Kiwi. Really?

According to a recent post on the AVS Facebook page, they claim that AVS is 100% Kiwi. In fact, this is a quote of their exact wording:

“AVS Car Security – 100% Kiwi owned, 100% Kiwi brand, 100% Kiwi operated, Alarms designed by us for Kiwi cars – Now there is something our competitors can’t compete with! Support a true Kiwi company and brand, buy AVS”

But how honest are they being by making these claims?

My understanding is that AVS alarms are re-branded RhinoCo Technology products designed in Austrailia and manufactured in Taiwan & China.

Let’s take the latest version of the AVS S5, it seems to be exactly the same as the Rhino RAV3. The only noticeable difference being the design of the remote controls. I note that AVS have even used the remote as a limited edition run last year. Apart from that, it appears to be exactly the same alarm.

Below is a photo of the AVS Facebook page where they have been questioned about AVS being a RhinoCo product:

To quote AVS:

“We use Rhino for our electronic engineering and share the same factory products such as remote cases etc. All design is done by us and our products are built to our specifications and in most cases Rhino use our designs for their own products also 🙂 The alarm market is not as prominent in Australia, not as many imported cars etc”

So if the above statement from AVS is true then why do RhinoCo have “Proudly Designed in Australia” Printed in the top right-hand corner of their product manual?

I don’t recall NZ being an Australian State?

Personally, I would give AVS more credit if they admitted to simply re-branding RhinoCo products. After all, if they really are AVS designs and specifications then you have to ask why they would not design an immobiliser with an attack-proof security housing?  Or design a digital battery back-up siren without an over-ride key?

Designed for Kiwi Cars?

I also question the original claim about AVS being designed for Kiwi cars, as the last Kiwi car that was assembled in New Zealand (with the exception of a couple of homemade kit cars) was back the late 90’s!

Does this mean that AVS products are only suitable for NZ cars manufactured before 1998? If so surely it would make more sense to design alarms for Japanese vehicles?



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4 Responses to AVS 100% Kiwi. Really?

  1. Avatar wang says:

    The other thing i’d like to point out is, if AVS designed it, why go through aussie electronic engineering only to be made in china/taiwan? Would it not be cheaper to just send their design straight to the chinese/taiwanese electronic manufacture to do the work? And If Rhino is using AVS’s design, then why(as you said) does Rhino manual saying proudly designed in Australia, surely AVS would not allow Rhino to get away with that. Something smells real fishy.

  2. Julian Julian says:

    You are damn right right about it all smelling fishy. Personally I think it’s really important for a security company open honest and trustworthy. It will be interesting to see what comes of this!

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