Auxiliary Expansion Modules

Auxilary Expansion Module

Extra channels from your remote

If like me, you like your toys then you’ll probably love having a heap of programming options to make your security system more fun.

My pick of alarms for playing with is Viper as they give you much more to dabble with than other brands. Even their entry level systems allow for customisation.

The 211HV Keyless entry system comes with two auxiliary outputs as standard, as does the 3100V  and 3105V entry level alarm systems.

However for some two Auxiliary outputs may not be enough, this is where an auxiliary expansion module comes into play:

The auxiliary expansion module can be programmed to work with any button combination you choose. Each of the additional channels can be set for latched on/off (1st press on 2nd off), timed output (1-30 seconds adjustable) or held on for as long as you hold the programmed button or buttons down.

What can each channel be used for?

Well that’s down to you and your imagination, but here are some examples:

    • Controlled windows closure could be added to the lock button so the lock button would not only lock and alarm your car, but an extended press would wind your windows up. Or you could use another button combo plus have the option of opening them with another.
    • Windows up, and down
    • Mirror fold
    • Door poppers: Great for vehicles with shaved door handles.
    • Boot pop
    • Lights on/off
    • Garage door or electric gate open/close
    • Second car (can be achieved without expansion module)

Anything else electrical you can think of.

It’s not just Viper remote controls that the expansion module will work with, but the Viper 4 button does make things easy.

I can also use the expansion module with most Autowatch, AVS and Cyclops alarms. Sadly a one or two button remote really does not give you much to play with!

Remote Double Tap Module: Get an Auxiliary output from your factory remote

Want your Factory remote control to do more?

I’ve designed the Remote Double Tap Module that triggers a second output if you press the lock or unlock button twice within 3 seconds.

More Details Here…

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