Autowatch PIN codes

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

If you need a replacement Autowatch remote then you’ll need to know your alarms over-ride pin number as Autowatch systems use it to prevent unauthorised remote cloning.

The pin number will allow the car to start in the event of a remote failing or getting lost. It will also be required to access programming of a new remote.

Where do you find your PIN number?

Your installer will provide you with either a card or a tag as shown in the photos below. They should also explain how to uses the code as provide you with a user manual.

I recommend storing your pin number on your smart phone along with a PDF copy of the user manual as explained here.

I keep a record of all the systems I install on a secure database so you can always contact me if it is one I have fitted. I will require proof of ownership for obvious reasons.

PIN code card for the 446RiS

PIN code card for the 446RiS

PIN code tag for the 4 button Autowatch remote. The number is also printed on the user manual.

If you purchased the car with the alarm already installed and the previous owner failed to pass it on then the alarm will need to be accessed to find the pin number. This is a service I can do for you an I recommend acting on it before your lose your only remote!


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2 Responses to Autowatch PIN codes

  1. Reece says:

    I’v lost my Clients RED CARD (with pin code ) what can I do

  2. Julian Julian says:

    Contact your local Autowatch dealer, they will need to see the car.

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