Autowatch 695 CAN-BUS

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The 695CAN is a CAN-BUS alarm made by Autowatch, it is rated as a Thatcham CAT 2-1 alarm and is designed for vehicles with existing remote Keyless entry and an Immobiliser. Given the Thatcham rating that means it is more then complies with any requirements of a “5 star alarm”. Being a CAN-BUS alarm the 695CAN communicates with the vehicles CAN-BUS platform so needs to be programed for the specific vehicle it is to be installed into.

The list of compatible vehicles is updated frequently and will continue to grow as most new cars released feature CAN-BUS technology. The Autowatch has the option to operate from a separate Autowatch remote on selected vehicles, this will almost certainly be a  cheaper option (on supported vehicles) then purchasing an additional remote key from your local car dealer.

Ultrasonics come as standard with the 695CAN along with a digital battery back-up siren. As the siren has no over-ride key this gives the installer the option of locating it in a hidden or hard to access location.

Wireless Sensor Options

Sensors such as a Wireless P.I.R. or Wireless Reed Switch can be programed to the Autowatch, this is particularly useful in motor homes where running cables can be time consuming and unsightly.

The 695CAN has all the usual features that you would expect for a high end alarm and will support having additional sensors added such as a level/tilt sensor. It also has a  pager output so can be wired up to a tracking system

Autowatch CAN-BUS Security

695 CAN-BUS Alarm

RRP NZ: $795.00

Insurance Approved:

Thatcham CAT 2-1

Obsessive Rating: A Superb alarm with Advanced Technology

Has some great optional features which sets it apart from the competition such as wireless sensors and control via an Autowatch remote!




Additional Information:

Diagnostic Alarm Trigger Reports

Click here to see the list of Compatible Vehicles

PDF icon695CAN User Manual

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10 Responses to Autowatch 695 CAN-BUS

  1. Martin BC Rygersberg says:

    Dear M,
    Please sent me detail info what/how to install an alarm install
    at my Motor Home

    Martin R

  2. Julian says:

    Hi Martin,

    You fail to mention what make/model your Motor home is? If it is the 695CAN alarm you are after then check the list for compatibility.

    As for details about the installation. This is the sort of thing I would run through in person when inspecting the vehicle and giving a quote.

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  7. Alan Wells says:

    I have a 695RLC fitted which flashes the blue light when armed. Is this normal please and how much battery is drained per day please?

  8. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Alen,

    Can I suggest that you read the review that you’ve just commented on as it clearly mentions that the alarm comes with a blue LED. The user manual can also be found at the end of the post.

    If the blue light is not the LED then its possible that extraterrestrials have broken into your car and planted a flashing device there. If you think this maybe the case then it is possible that aliens have planted a device inside you too. It could be a good idea to book yourself in for a colonic irrigation and a lobotomy just to be on the safe side.

    Note: Silly questions get silly responses.

  9. Stephan Steyn says:

    Hi, what is the differance between the Autowatch 695 RLC CAN BUS and the 446RLC CAN BUS? Does the 695RLC canbus have the same wiring as the 446 RLC Canbus

  10. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Stephan,

    They are both the same alarm, just different names for different markets/countries.

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