Autowatch 573PPi

Autowatch Product range

Autowatch Product range

The Autowatch 573PPi is the first of the Transponder Immobilisers to be reviewed here. The first thing worth mentioning is that the the only transponder Immobiliser available in New Zealand that actually has an attack proof security housing. I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this is important!

Whilst the 573PPi is larger then most of the other current range of Autowatch Immobilisers it is still reasonably small. The only way to program new transponder tags is with the over-ride pin number. Have a read of the “Can Your Remote be Copied” post which despite being about remotes is still applicable to transponder immobilisers.

Autowatch Transponder Immobiliser

Attack proof Security Housing

The 573PPi comes with two transponder tags (see photo below) that attach to your key ring. They are 45mm long and disarm the immobiliser when in proximity of the coil which is installed near the ignition barrel. If you want additional tags then the 573PPi can learn up to 8 of them.

The Immobiliser arms 30 seconds after this ignition is turned off (or last disarmed if the ignition is not turned on) at which point a red LED starts to flash to indicate the system is armed. The 575PPi comes with two immobilisation points and has an output for a 3rd external cut if required.

573PPi (Passive Proximity Immobiliser)

RRP NZ: $370.00

Insurance Approved:

AS/NZS 4601:2000 certified

Obsessive Rating: Top Notch

Good enough to go in the Obsessive Go-Kart, so it’s fair to say it’s better than the other options!



  • Dual Circuit Immobiliser (Output for 3rd Cut)
  • X2 Transponder Tags
  • Attack Proof Security Housing
  • PIN Code Protection against Unauthorised Tag Programming

Additional Information:

PDF icon573PPi User Manual

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  1. Julian Julian says:

    Hi Alan,

    I sell Autowatch products but I am not Autowatch nor have I sold you an alarm as I do not offer international sales. It’s also worth pointing out that the 573PPi is an immobiliser and not an alarm.

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